Applying for passport services is a little bit different if you were born overseas.  Almost all US citizens can get a passport, no matter where you were originally from. However, the documents you’ll need to submit are different than they would be for someone who was born in the US.

For example, if you were born overseas to US parents, you can apply for passport services using a Consular Report of Birth Abroad as proof of citizenship instead of a birth certificate.  Or, you can use a Certificate of Citizenship.

If you were born abroad and adopted by US parents, you can use your adoption decree and a copy of both parent’s US birth certificates as proof of citizenship.

If you are a naturalized US citizen, you can apply for passport services using your Certificate of Naturalization. What if you’ve lost your  Certificate of Naturalization? You can order a replacement, but it may take up to 6 weeks to arrive. So, if you’re applying for expedited passport services, here’s what you can do:

  • Submit a letter from USCIS, which verifies the facts of the naturalization and bears the original signature of the issuing official.
  • Submit your signed statement giving the details surrounding the loss or theft.
  • Submit a receipt (or cancelled check) from the USCIS  to prove that you have applied for a replacement naturalization certificate.

If you’re traveling internationally, it’s important to allow at least 6 weeks for your new passport to arrive in the mail.  If you need to get a passport more quickly, a private passport expediter can speed up the process for you. Passport expediters can also walk you through the process and make sure you submit the right documents the first time around.

For knowledgeable, professional help with your passport application, check out our passport expediting services today!