St Patrick’s Day is less than a month away.  In America, that means several things:

  • If you don’t wear green, your friends will revel in tormenting you with “good-natured” pinches
  • There will be an abundance of cheap green beer.
  • After drinking much cheap green beer, perfectly reasonable adults will put on cheap green leprechaun hats and walk around shouting “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”

Not that all of that isn’t fun, of course, but this year, why not do something different? Trade your green beer for a pint of Guinness and witness the mother of all St. Patrick’s day celebrations in Ireland! In Dublin, it’s more like St. Patrick’s Day week, with a full 6 days of events planned. And yes, there will be beer, but there will also be music, plays and other celebrations of Irish culture. Better yet, most of the events are free!

To help you plan your trip, DoChara has an excellent list of things to do in Ireland, including eating black pudding, visiting a bog and more!

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