Here’s a great reason to get an expedited passport this summer: Le Domaine de Lonvillies resort in St. Martin is offering a half-price discount for summer travelers. Gadling has the scoop on this travel deal:

You can pick up four nights at Le Domaine de Lonvillies for a mere $210 – the normal price is cut in half. As long as you head down there before August 31, 2010, you’ll pick up breakfast every day, free wi-fi and dinner every night a La Table du Marche.

Since the chef at the resort is the world-famous Christophe Leroy, dinner is worth staying in for.  Of course, guests of Le Domaine de Lonvillies also get to sample the Caribbean island’s many amenities, including lazing around on gorgeous beaches, drinking delicious guavaberry cocktails, and world-class shopping for cheap (but genuine) designer goods.

Note: the special offer Gadling mentions doesn’t appear on the website for the hotel itself, but appears to be available here on Please give the hotel a call before booking if you have any questions!

The special ends on August 31, so if you don’t have your passport already, you should consider expedited passport processing.  If you are traveling by plane, you do need a passport book- the new wallet-sized passport cards won’t cut it for air travel.

Regular passport processing usually takes around 6 weeks. You can order expedited passport processing for an additional $60 plus overnight delivery costs, but that still takes 3 weeks or more. If you can’t wait 2-3 weeks for your passport to arrive, you can either make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency office or use a private expediting company.

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