In the 17th and 18th centuries, it was  common for wealthy young men to go on a “Grand Tour” of Europe,  visiting the major cities and seeing important historical sites and works of art.  In those days, the “Grand Tour” usually took months, if not years. However, if you act fast, Ryanair is giving you the opportunity to create your own, much faster version of this tradition, by selling a million plane tickets  from Great Britain to  different cities in Europe for only one euro.

What about getting there? Coincidentally, both American Airlines and United Airlines are having a sale on plane tickets to Europe, starting at $438 round trip.  So, you can get there and get around relatively cheaply.

However, if you want to take advantage of these specials, you’ll need to get a passport, quick. Ryanair’s deal ends tomorrow, on September 17th, and your travel dates have to be between October and December. Plus, the American Airlines deal is only valid if you travel before November 25, although United will give you until March of next year.

The best way to get a passport in time is to apply through a private passport expediting company. If you apply directly through the government, it will take about 6 weeks for your passport to come back. Even if you apply for the government’s expedited service, you can still expect to wait at least 3 weeks.

An expediting company will hand-deliver your passport application to the Department of State. This cuts processing times down to as little as 24 hours, so you’ll get your passport, quick!

Don’t miss out on these great airfare deals: get a passport, quick and start planning your trip today!