Fall is here, and the days and nights are starting to get a little bit chilly. I love fall, but my bones are starting to ache and I can’t deny that I’d also ¬†love to lounge on the beach and chase autumn’s chill away with some sun and sand.

Spirit Airlines’ new special makes it much more affordable to do just that (via SmarterTravel). Right now, they’re offering flights from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Nassau in the Bahamas and back again, for $1 each way! Nope, that’s not a typo. If you fly on the right dates, you can snag a round-trip ticket to the Bahamas for just $2.

Of course, there’s still taxes and fees to consider, plus Spirit is notorious for its baggage fee structure. If you can travel light, it’s probably still worth it, but it’s not a bad idea to guesstimate how much luggage you’ll be carrying and then check prices from other carriers.

If you go, remember that you’ll need a US passport to fly to the Bahamas. They won’t let you on the plane without one.

Spirit’s $2 fares are available in November, December, January and February. If you want to squeeze some time on the beach in before Christmas, you’ll need to request fast passport processing.

If you apply for expedited service from the Department of State, you’re still looking at a processing time of at least 3 weeks. For truly fast passport processing, you’ll need to go ahead and make your flight reservations and then either apply in person at a Regional Passport Agency office or use a private passport expediting company like RushMyPassport.

Of these two options, using a private passport expediting company is the most convenient. Unlike a passport office, there’s no need to make an appointment, wait in line, travel to an agency office or any of that other stressful stuff. All you have to do is apply like normal, get your documents “sealed” at the post office and then forward them to the expediting company. At RushMyPassport, we can have your application processed in as little as 24 hours. How’s that for fast passport processing?

Ready to hit the beach? Apply for a fast passport with us today!