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Do You Need a Passport To Go To The Bahamas?

plane with landing gear down preparing to land in the Bahamas

*Updated 8/28/19*

Every year the Bahamas is ranked as one of the best travel destinations. You’ll often find the Bahamas listed in categories like top destination weddings, spring break, honeymoons, family vacations, and cruises. But do you need a passport for the Bahamas? It depends on how you plan to travel to the Bahamas.

We make it simple to understand if you need a passport for your trip to the Bahamas.

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Do You Need a Passport to Go to the Bahamas?


UPDATE: Effective June 1st, 2009, the requirements to travel to the Bahamas have changed. Please see this entry for the most up-to-date information.

Changing travel regulations have left many people scratching their heads, wondering whether or not you need a passport to go the Bahamas.

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