Even if you aren’t planning on traveling overseas, some experts recommend that you get a passport or a passport card for your children.  Why should you be concerned about getting a US passport for your children if you aren’t traveling out of the country?  According to County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi of Union County, New Jersey, getting US passport for kids can actually protect them in case of abduction.

Child abduction is every parent’s worst nightmare.  When filing a missing persons report for a child, having a passport or passcard on hand makes it easy to provide authorities with the information they need to find your child, including date of birth, where they were born, their nationality and a photograph. Passports are also the strongest available form of identification for kids who are too young for other types of state-issued IDs like driver’s licenses.

Getting a US passport for your child requires that you submit the appropriate forms and documentation. This checklist will show you what to include with your child’s passport application. If you need to get a US passport for your child quickly, the easiest way is to use a private passport expediting company like RushMyPassport.com. Expediting companies make getting a US passport quicker and easier. Your child’s application will be handled by trained passport specialists, and you’ll be sure to have his or her passport ready when you need it!