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Global Entry: What Happens When I Renew My Passport?

Trusted Traveler Program

If you’re a Global Entry member, you may be wondering what happens when it’s time to renew (or replace) your passport. Will you need to register the new passport with the Global Entry program? Will you need to get a new sticker for your new passport?

First, the bad news: Your Global Entry account doesn’t update automatically. Now for the good news: Unless you’ve changed your name, you can update your information online using your GOES (Global Entry Online Enrollment System) account.

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International Air Travel with Your Pets

More than ever before, our pets are considered part of our family. Since a recent survey from AAA and Best Western International shows 51 percent of Americans take their pets along when they travel, here is some helpful information about traveling internationally with pets.

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Passport Name Change After Honeymoon?

If you are about to go on your honeymoon and are traveling internationally, when should you change the name on your passport?  Here are a few options:

For those flying, your tickets need to match your passport.

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Where Do You Need a Passport?

Most people are aware that you need a passport to go to Europe, Africa and Asia. But what if you’re staying closer to home?

A decade ago, getting into Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean was as easy as saying “I’m an American citizen,” but not anymore.  

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Niagara Falls on a sunny day
Niagara Falls

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Niagara Falls?

Without a doubt, Niagara Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world. The sheer amount of water surging around you is simply sublime. In fact, when Austrian composer Gustave Mahler first encountered the falls, he is said to have exclaimed, “At last, fortissimo!”

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