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50 Places Everyone Should See In Their Lifetime

Got a vacation coming up and wondering where to go?  Disney World again?   Your in-laws?  The beach?  All great ideas but we think we’ve got a better one.  Grab your passport and plan a visit to one of these 50 amazing destinations that everyone should see in their lifetime.  Take your family, take your friends and start planning.  And yes, you will need a current passport for 47 of the 50 destinations we’ve included. 

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Washington Passport Agency is Moving

If you live in Washington, DC and you need an emergency passport, here’s an important update- the Washington, DC passport office is moving!

Until Friday, October 25th, the agency will serve customers at its current location, 1111 19th Street, N.W. 

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Houston Passport Agency Closed


Houston, you have a problem: The Houston Passport Agency is closed for renovations. If you need an emergency passport, you have two choices: travel to another city or use a private expediting company like RushMyPassport.

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Top Tips for Booking Holiday Travel

October is in full swing and the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays are fast approaching. If you are wondering when the best timeto book your trips and travel, we’ve got your answers here.

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Passports and the Government Shutdown

Can you still get a passport?  Yes!

You can still get a passport even though the federal government is partially shut down. Passport Services are fully supported by the fees you pay to get a U.S.

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