We are excited to announce our partnership with Mobile Passport app, now offering our expedited passport renewal services. Many savvy travelers consider the Mobile Passport app to be the best travel app to hit the market in recent years. If you are traveling overseas, you should download the Mobile Passport app today to make your next trip even easier.

The popular Mobile Passport app is authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to expedite travelers through entry processes at more than 30 U.S. major airports and cruise ports. Travelers using the Mobile Passport app can securely submit their passport information and customs declaration form to CBP, all from their mobile device. Travelers can then proceed to designated Mobile Passport Control lanes when entering the United States. There is no other mobile app that offers this streamlined experience. Over 8 million users currently take advantage of the streamlined process that Mobile Passport app offers.

We’ve been talking about the six month validity rule for many years now. We help thousands of travelers every month that get stuck at the airport or risk missing their trips because of a soon-to-be-expiring passport. With Mobile Passport, your passport info is always in your pocket. And if you are traveling soon and you need to renew your passport fast, RushMyPassport is here to help. Our expedited passport services make the process to get your passport much easier and much faster than going through the post office. Standard processing is 6-8 weeks or longer if there are any issues with your documents. Our rush passport services help eliminate common errors to let travelers choose processing times from 2 weeks to as fast as 24 hours.

Take advantage of rush passport services and quicker lines through U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Mobile Passport services are currently offered in 27 airports and 4 cruise ports and will continue to expand in 2020.