Losing your passport is never fun, especially if you are overseas. However, despite feeling quite sympathetic to the unfortunate Scotsman described in this article, I couldn’t help but suppress a chuckle as I read about his misfortune. The New Zealand tourist has to have one of the best lost passport stories ever-his passport was nabbed by a kleptomaniac parrot!

The native New Zealand parrot, called a kea, spotted the man’s passport as his tour bus was stopped along the road, snatched it and promptly flew away into the dense rainforest. Fortunately, the gentleman seems to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. He’s quoted as saying “My passport is somewhere out there in Fiordland. The Kea’s probably using it for fraudulent claims or something.”

That sense of humor will serve him well, considering the time and expense it will take to replace his lost passport, which may take 6 weeks to arrive and will probably set him back $250.00.

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