Getting a passport is exciting. This is undoubtedly a cliche, but a new passport really does open up a whole new world of travel opportunities.  Where can your new passport take you 2010? The possibilities are almost endless, but we’ve picked out 5 of our favorite up-and coming destinations:

  • Gargano, Italy: Unspoiled, uncrowded beaches? Check.  Ancient churches and historic fishing villages? Check.  Excellent food? Check! Gargano, Italy is a peninsula located on the “heel” of the boot-shaped country. Since much of the area is national parkland, it’s a great place to experience a quieter, more peaceful Italy.
  • Sri Lanka: The civil war that wracked the country ended last May, making a visit to this beautiful island more appealing to tourists.  Stay at one of the attractive modern hotels that are springing up like daisies and see elephants, water buffaloes and crystal-clear beaches.
  • Iceland: The country has always had a lot to offer tourists: glaciers, hot springs and winter sports, plus a vibrant nightlife in the capital of Reykjavík.  Due to the state of the country’s economy, it is now offering these things for less.
  • Argentina:  Looking to take a wine tour somewhere a little more exotic than Sonoma Valley? According to the New York Times, wines from the Argentinian wine country of Patagonia have been raking in awards recently.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark:  If you’re looking to make your trip abroad as green as possible, Copenhagen is an excellent choice. The New York Times notes that the city has transformed itself into an eco-friendly mecca, with free bikes for tourists and a thriving nightlife.

If you don’t have a passport yet,  see How to Apply for a New Passport for a detailed description of the application process. Remember that it takes about 6 weeks if you apply with regular processing, and at least 3 weeks if you use the government’s expedited service.

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