Still looking for something to do on New Year’s Eve?  Here are 4 good reasons to get a rush passport (if you don’t already have one), book a flight to Germany and celebrate New Year’s Eve (otherwise known as “Silvester”) in Berlin.

One of the Largest New Year’s Eve Parties in The World

You want to be somewhere memorable when you wave goodbye to the awkwardly-named decade of the Aughts, right? Where better to bid the decade farewell than one of the world’s largest open-air New Year’s Eve parties?

Every year, over a million people come to the Berlin Open End New Year’s Eve party, an extravaganza complete with food, music, drinks and fireworks.

German Beer

Sure, champagne is the traditional fizzy alcoholic beverage of choice for New Year’s Eve, but German beer is world-famous.

Cheesy Music

This year, folks attending the Berlin Open End party can celebrate the future with the cheesy pop music of yore.  Musical performers include the ABBA Celebration Band and Right Said Fred. Wait, you don’t remember Right Said Fred? Maybe this will ring a bell:

“I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts!

I’m too sexy for your body, too sexy for your body, no way I’m disco dancing!”

Oh yeah, those guys…I used to have that album on a  quaint musical device called  a “cassette tape.”


The New York Times’ InTransit blog has an informative post up about the New Year’s Eve celebration in Berlin, including recommendations for smaller parties if you don’t want to attend the Open End blowout. The commenters on the post also pointed out that New Year’s Eve in Berlin is an “orgy of fireworks.” In addition to the big fireworks show, expect to have firecrackers go off around you or even be used as missiles. Stay away from those super-flammable synthetic fabrics, mmm-kay?

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