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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Passport?

How much does it cost to get a passport? There’s no doubt that one of the biggest obstacles that keeps people waiting until the last possible minute to get one is the expense, especially since prices went up in 2010.

The exact amount that you’ll pay depends on two factors: what type of passport application you’re submitting, and how quickly you need your passport. Here’s a breakdown:

New Passports

If you’ve never applied for a passport before, here’s what it will cost you:

  • $135 total for a passport book ($110 application fee plus a $25 execution fee)
  • $55 for a passport card ($30 application fee plus a $25 execution fee). Please note, passport cards are not valid for air travel or for travel outside of the Western Hemisphere. Please see Passports vs. Passport Cards for more information.
  • $165 for a passport book and a passport card. ($140 application fee plus a $25 execution fee).
  • For more information about applying for a new passport, see How to Apply for a New Passport.

Passport Renewals

If you are eligible to renew your passport by mail, you’ll benefit from not having to pay the execution fee, which goes to the passport office that accepts your application. Here’s the damage:

  • $110 for a passport book.
  • $30 for a passport card.
  • $140 for both.

For more about applying for a passport renewal, see How to Apply for a Passport Renewal

Lost and Stolen Passports

If your passport has been lost or stolen, you must apply to replace it in person and the pricing scale is the same as if you were applying for a new passport. See How to Replace a Lost Passport for details on how to apply.

Child Passports

If you’re applying for a passport for a child under the age of 16, you get a little bit of a price break. Here’s what you’ll pay:

  • $105 for a passport book ($80 application fee plus a $25 execution fee).
  • $40 for a passport card ($15 application fee plus a $25 execution fee).
  • $110 for both ($95 application fee plus a $25 execution fee).

There are special requirements when you apply for a passport for a minor. See How to Get a Child Passport for details.

Adding Pages

If you run out of pages in your passport, you can get more added for an $82 fee.

Expediting Fees

Normally, it takes about six weeks for your passport application to be approved. However, if you pay a $60 expediting fee, you can cut that down to about three weeks. You’ll pay the $60 fee on each application you submit, and the State Department also recommends you pay for overnight shipping to the passport office (price determined by carrier) and overnight shipping from the passport office to your house at a cost of $12.72.

If you need your passport more quickly than that, you have two options: make an appointment at the nearest Regional Passport office, or use a private expediting company like RushMyPassport.  We hand-deliver your documents right to the Department of State, for Processing in as little as 24 hours.

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