For many Americans, the ability to apply for a new passport completely online ranks high on their travel wish list. Unfortunately, as of right now, you can only start the process online by filling out and printing the relevant application forms. If you’ve never had a passport before (or you are otherwise ineligible to renew your passport by mail), you still have to go down to the nearest passport acceptance facility (most likely a post office) to turn in the paperwork.

Will you ever be able to apply for a new passport without having to leave your desk? Probably not for the foreseeable future. A US passport is more than just a travel document- it’s also proof that you are a US citizen and entitled to all the rights and benefits that US citizens receive. By making you apply in person, the government helps ensure that only people who have the necessary documentation get a passport.

However, current US passport holders may soon be able to apply for a new passport card online, according to

The State Department aims to simplify another bureaucratic process for Americans as part of its customer service plan—applying for a passport card, which will be valid for travel to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

The department is developing a pilot so people who already have a valid U.S. passport book can apply for a passport card online by uploading a digital photo and making an online payment. The pilot is experimenting with electronic signatures to see if they are viable for this type of passport processing, which the department does more than a million times a year.

That’s great news, but travelers do need to be aware that the US passport card has both advantages and disadvantages when compared to a regular, full-sized passport. For example, the main disadvantage of a passport card is that it cannot be used for air travel.

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