Many people dream of traveling the world, but find themselves unable to escape from work long enough to see as much of it as they’d like.  Is there a way to solve the conflict between work and travel? If you’ve often found yourself pondering these questions, maybe it’s time to try combining the two!

BusinessTravelogue has an excellent article about careers in which obtaining a passport is part of the job description. As the article notes, jobs that include paid travel are available in many different industries and at many different income levels, ranging from executive positions that pay $100,000 plus each year to working on a cruise ship or as a flight attendant. The most daring job option? Leading adventure tours in exotic locations!

If your job requires international travel, it’s a good idea to keep a valid passport on hand. However, sometimes business trips come up unexpectedly, and you don’t always have months to prepare.  Using a private passport expediting company makes obtaining a passport easy and fast for business travelers.

In addition to the normal required documents, obtaining an expedited passport for business travel also requires proof of departure. You’ll need either a travel itinerary or a letter from your company stating where you are traveling and when you are leaving. caters to business customers. Look over our options for expedited service, and let us take the headache out of obtaining a passport for your next business trip!