The US Department of State is releasing new passport application forms on March 1st. The new forms will have some minor tweaks, such as the use of “mother or parent 1” and “father or parent 2” to make the application more friendly for same-sex families.

After March 1st, if you’re applying for a passport it’s important to use the new versions of the forms for the fastest service. If you print the forms yourself from the Department of State’s website you’ll have the latest version, but if you apply in person at an acceptance office (like a post office), you may be given the old forms until they are used up. However, if you care about getting your passport in a timely manner, it’s better to ask for the new forms instead.

For example, Edwina DeRosa of Alamance County Passport Services told the that old forms would be offered to applicants with a warning that “the use of the old form may significantly delay the processing of the passport application.” If you don’t like the sound of that, know that the new forms will also be available at passport acceptance facilities and that the acceptance agents will offer the new forms to you as well.

Another minor change to the passport application process: You no longer have to send in 2 passport photos. Now, only one is required.

Passport processing times vary depending on how many passport applications the Department of State has to deal with at any given time. Generally, however, it’s about 6 weeks if you apply with standard processing and about 3 weeks if you expedite it.

If you can’t wait that long, you can set up an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency office or take the easy way and let RushMyPassport submit your application for you. We’ll walk you through the new paperwork, answer your questions and deliver your application to the Department of State for processing times as low as 24 hours.

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