In the United States, 1 woman in 8 will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. You probably have a friend, a loved one or a coworker who is a fighter or a survivor. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. People and organizations from around the world are joining together to support patients and their families and encourage screening for early detection.

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Want to help? Here are 4 ways travelers can support Breast Cancer Awareness Month while they travel.

Donate Miles

Got some extra frequent flyer miles burning a hole in your pocket? Donate them! Most airlines have programs to encourage members to either donate unused miles to cancer charities or to snag some bonus miles in exchange for a donation.

  • American Airlines: Through American Airline’s Miles for the Cure program, members can receive 20 AA miles for every dollar they donate to Susan G. Komen.
  • Delta Airlines:  Donate your extra Delta miles to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation via Delta’s SkyWish program. 
  • United Airlines: United doesn’t have the option to donate to a charity that focuses specifically on breast cancer. That said, you can donate United Miles to the American Cancer Foundation or to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.
  • Frontier Airlines also allows you to donate miles to the American Cancer Foundation by calling the EarlyReturns desk at 1-866-263-2759.

Make Your Trip CountBreasr cancer awareness month

This month, treat yourself by taking advantage of travel promotions that benefit breast cancer awareness and research. Travel companies are offering all sorts of luxuries and fun experiences to raise money for charity. Here are some examples:

  • Luxury travel agency Elite Travel International is donating 10-15% of room revenue booked through the company for trips to Maui and Lanai during the month of October. They also have a variety of fundraising events and promotions, including golf tournaments and an online travel auction. 
  •  Peninsula Hotels worldwide are exhibiting artwork by Chinese photographer Chen Man. At the end of the month, the pieces will be auctioned off to benefit charities that help local breast cancer patients.
  • How does a trip to Cabo San Lucas sound? The Resort at Pedregal is offering up pink tequila for $30 a shot, with the proceeds going to Komen.
  • American Airlines will donate a percentage of select pink menu items from the in-flight menu and at some Admiral’s Club locations.
  •  Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos around the world are hosting “Pinktober” concerts for charity this month.
  • Stay in one of the designated pink Business Class rooms at Radisson Blu Hotels around the world, and a portion of your stay will be donated to a charity for breast cancer.
  • Inside Flyers’#FlyForPink campaign has a goal of donating $10,000 to breast cancer-related charities. Help them reach their goal by posting airport selfies to Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FlyForPink.
  • Fancy a last-minute Mediterranean cruise? Costa Cruises is hosting special “Pink October” activities on its ships, with proceeds going to support Italian breast cancer research.

Give the Gift of Travel

You know who could really use a vacation? Breast cancer survivors and their families. But cancer is expensive, and a lot of people don’t have money left over after treatment.

That’s where these organizations come in.

  • Send Me on Vacation: Offers free vacations to breast cancer survivors and their families, along with “staycations” for those too ill to travel.
  • Libby’s Legacy: Helps Central Florida breast cancer patients with access to screening, an advocate to help navigate the healthcare system and a week-long Alaskan cruise for Stage IV patients.
  • Karen Wellington Foundation: Fun trips and getaways for women living with breast cancer (and their families).
  • Cruising Against Cancer: Offers free cruises for cancer survivors and fighters (any type) and their families.

Support Breast Cancer Awareness and Breast Cancer Patients Wherever You Go

This should go without saying, but breast cancer is not just an American problem. Women diagnosed with breast cancer in developing countries often have much more difficulty accessing care … assuming they can get diagnosed at all. Most charity funding goes to diseases like malaria, but cancer can strike anywhere. 

If you’re traveling to a developing country, why not find a way to help breast cancer patients there? Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon is a US-based charity that funds breast-cancer related initiatives in low-resource countries.  Or, you could do some research to find a group that serves local patients in the region you plan to visit. As with US-based charities, just be careful and do your due diligence to make sure that whatever you donate is used to help patients and their families.

What RushMyPassport Is Doing

RushMyPassport is proud to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’re sporting pink logos and urging employees and customers to use the hashtag #PinkPassports on social media this month.

Also, we were honored to have employee Maria Cespedes, a breast cancer fighter and survivor, represent RushMyPassport at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk!

Need a passport in a hurry this month? Think pink, and help us spread awareness by using the hashtag #PinkPassports on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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