Do you fantasize about quitting your day job and traveling the world? Many people dream about it, but only a small percentage actually do it. And yet, it is definitely possible- if you willing to step outside of your comfort zone!  Bef0re you bid your 9-to-5 job adieu, however, you’ll need to do some research. After all, it’s always better to learn from other people’s mistakes rather than your own.

To help you get started, here are 5 great resources for wannabe world travelers:

  1. For motivation and inspiration, check out The Art of Non-Comformity’s classic blog post, Why Should Quit Your Job and Travel the World
  2. For more motivation, plus a healthy dose of practical, basic tips for survival on the road in another country, check out How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World by 5dolla on Kuro5hin.  Geeks (like yours truly) will also appreciate the sci-fi/fantasy references.
  3. Nomadic Matt has a series of travel tips that covers everything from getting a job in another country to finding accommodations.
  4. Nomadic Backpackers’ how-to archive covers everything from dealing with community bathrooms in a hostel to dealing with culture shock when you come home.
  5. Almost Fearless is doing an excellent series on how to quit your job and travel the world this month:  30 ways in 30 days to Redesign Your Life And Travel the World.

Of course, before you can put your world travel plans in action, you need to renew your passport (or get a new one if you’ve never traveled overseas before).  Without a passport, you aren’t going anywhere!

Also, when you renew your passport, make sure you allow enough time for the Department of State to process your application. Regular passport renewals take 6 weeks or longer to process, and the government’s expedited service still takes about 3 weeks. If you have a departure date looming and you still haven’t applied for your passport, the safest option is to renew your passport with a private passport expediting company. You’ll get help with the paperwork and much faster service. In fact, if you use, your application could be processed in as little as 24 hours!

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