A passport mix-up at Seattle’s Sea-Tac airport left a teenage girl searching for an emergency passport on Thursday, according to MSNBC.com.

The teenager, Katie Cardinal, was traveling with a group that included her cousin, her grandmother and a family friend. Katie, her cousin and her grandmother stepped up to the ticket counter together and handed over their passports at the same time. What happened next was like something out of “The Twilight Zone.”  According to Rosalie, the grandmother:

“”We gave her three passports, she gave us three back. We stepped away from the counter about four feet.  I looked, and one of the passports was not one of the three of us.” Turns out one of the passports returned belonged to Kay Small, a family friend who was behind the grandmother and her two granddaughters in line. Katie’s was missing.”

Despite the fact that the group had hardly left the ticket counter, nobody could locate Katie’s passport.  Did pixies steal it? Did it somehow get sucked into an alternate dimension? Who knows- but with the plane set to leave at 2:00 pm that afternoon, Katie needed a new passport, quick!

The Seattle passport agency office was happy to oblige her, even waiving the requirement for an advance appointment. However, with the time it took to collect all of the necessary documents and fill out the paperwork, it simply wasn’t possible for the family to make their original flight.

The airline was able to book them on another flight to Europe, but the new itinerary left them with only 90 minutes to get through immigration and onto the cruise ship.  That’s cutting it too close for comfort, but hopefully if they miss the departure they’ll be able to meet the ship at the next port.

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