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The Best “Secret” Places To Take Your US Passport

You’ve been to Mexico. You’ve been to Canada. You have pictures of yourself standing in London with Big Ben in the background and holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. What now?

If you want to add some unique stamps to your US passport, consider these 5 undiscovered destinations. While not technically secret, these countries are off the radar for most US travelers but definitely worth visiting.

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Your US Passport Photo: How Close to Reality is It?

A US passport issued to an adult is valid for ten years. A lot can happen in that period of time, especially where your personal appearance is concerned. Weight can be gained or lost, haircuts can change and if you’re surgically-inclined, you might even get a new nose or lips.

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Damaged US Passport Spells Disaster for Newlyweds

Have you ever had a pet try to prevent you from leaving on a trip? They’ll try anything from looking cute and pitiful to going on a hunger strike. Once, my childhood cat even soiled the inside of my family’s car to try keep us in town (fortunately, she chose the wrong vehicle).

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