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What Should You Do If Your Passport Is Lost or Stolen While Traveling Abroad?

Traveling to a foreign country should be a wonderful experience, but if your passport is lost or stolen while you are abroad, it will be anything but fun. Not only does it create concerns about identity theft, but without your passport you won’t be able to leave a foreign country to return home.

The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to plan ahead.

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What to Do If You Lost Your Passport

If you lost your passport, what would you do? How would you protect your personal information while ensuring that your travel plans are not interrupted? Make sure you know what to do if you lost your passport.

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Lost Passport Could Derail Foreign Adoption

A Massachusetts woman whose purse was stolen lost more than her wallet-she also lost her passport, complicating her plans to adopt  a little girl from Ethiopia.

According to , Colleen MacRae was shopping inside a Home Depot store when a man distracted her and then made off with her purse.

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