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Get A Fast Passport to Celebrate Halloween in Rome

Rome might seem like an unlikely place to travel and celebrate Halloween. After all, what’s scary about pasta, pizza, fine wine and gelato (except, perhaps, for the resulting effects on your waistline)?

The Eternal City is beautiful and filled with life, but there’s also a darker, haunting undertone to the city as well. And what better time to explore it than Halloween, traditionally the day when the spirits of the dead get to come back and mingle with the living?

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Fast Passport and Cheap Tickets from Alitalia

If you’ve been waiting for the Mediterranean to become more affordable, why not get a fast passport and get cheap tickets with Alitalia’s latest sale? SmarterTravel reports that the Italian airline is offering great prices on flights from the US to Mediterranean countries including Italy, Greece, Spain and Turkey.

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Get a Fast Passport for Easter And the World’s Best Chocolate

Forget those fluffy marshmallow chicks and those atrocious egg-shaped jelly beans (especially the licorice-flavored ones!) When it comes to Easter candy, chocolate is where it’s at. If you’re looking for something to do this Easter holiday, why grab a fast passport and enjoy the world’s best chocolate, right from the source? 

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Get a Fast Passport to See Tuscany at its Finest

Thinking of Tuscany, it’s easy to get lost in a daydream of bright sunshine, fields of sunflowers, excellent wine and adorable quaint villages. However, if you visit Italy during the summer “high season,”  the reality is often quite different.

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