This year marks the 400-year anniversary of the discovery of Bermuda by the British. In 1609, a British fleet was carrying food and settlers to the colony of Jamestown, in what is now Virginia. However, the fleet was caught up in a storm at sea. One ship, the Sea Venture, was separated from the rest of the group and blown off course, eventually landing shipwrecked on Bermuda.

The survivors stayed on the island for almost a year, before building new ships and sailing off to Jamestown. However, the island has been a British territory ever since, and if you help celebrate its 400th birthday, you may wonder how the survivors of that shipwreck were able to make themselves leave such an attractive island.

The island is holding a 400th birthday party, with a variety of specials and travel deals. For example, according to the New York Times,  one hotel is offering $400 cash back for a stay of more than 4 nights. Another hotel is offering a package deal that costs $680 per night-not bad when you consider that it includes all 3 gourmet meals a day for a family of four!

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