At the ripe old age of 90, Dalton is a survivor of a stroke, double pneumonia, and prostate cancer. Although unable to speak very well and having  limited mobility, his heart and lungs are working well and his mind is still sharp! He also has a great attitude which helps him push through all the challenges!

In 1959 Dalton moved to Aruba to work at the ESSO refinery there. Also that year, a young school teacher named Joan went to Aruba to teach at the ESSO school. They met at orientation and although not love at first sight, they did end up falling in love and getting married. They raised two daughters in Aruba and took part in the numerous social activities which the ESSO community offered. It was an idyllic lifestyle!

Dalton’s overseas assignments also took him to Peru, Spain, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia. Both Joan and Dalton have traveled extensively and have actually visited all seven continents! Yes, even Antarctica! These two are the ultimate world travelers!

Fast forward to 2021, Dalton’s daughter Joni, who is an international school teacher working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia took a year off of teaching to help both her parents as they are in need of a bit of assistance with daily chores. Not to mention, dealing with life during a pandemic!

Joni thought it would be good for her parents to go back to Aruba to reminisce about all of the good memories of how it all began. Therefore, Joni planned the trip and everything was set until she looked at Dalton’s passport and saw that his passport was to expire December 4, 2021! The very day they were to fly down to Aruba! Of course panic set in as to how they could get the passport renewed in eight weeks!?

Joni searched the internet to learn how to expedite a passport renewal in such a short time and found RUSH MY PASSPORT. She proceeded to follow the steps in getting her father’s passport expedited. Although stressful, the people at RUSH MY PASSPORT were very helpful in getting this taken care of. Dalton had the new passport in his hands within five weeks!

Here are a few pictures of Dalton back in the day and current photos of him enjoying visiting his old stomping ground.

Tennis courts where Dalton used to play and managed to stay in the TOP TEN for several months.

Baby Beach with the refinery in the background.

Rodger’s Beach (1974)

Rodger’s Beach (1966)

Write up on Dalton’s transfer to Venezuela

60th Anniversary with their wedding photo in hand.