Fall is harvest season, so it’s traditionally a time of gluttony. If you can’t wait for the requisite Thanksgiving feast at the end of the month, why not renew your passport and fly in to the Cornucopia Festival in Whistler, Canada?  As the name implies, Cornucopia is a celebration of gourmet food and wine. It runs from November 10th to November 13th, and if you like food, wine and fun, it’s definitely working checking out. (Via Gadling).

If you like to eat but don’t consider yourself a foodie, don’t worry about being out of your depth here. Per the Cornucopia website, “The annual event features a sumptuous variety of hands-on seminars, fascinating winemaker dinners, gala tasting events and sizzling after-parties. Cornucopia offers something for both the experience (sic)  gourmet and those seeking to better appreciate the epicurean delights of wine and food.”

With plenty of food events and wine tastings, you won’t go hungry or thirsty. However, the wine tastings don’t include food, so as you plan your time at Cornucopia, you should make sure to get something on your stomach beforehand. You’ll have to buy tickets individually for each event you want to go to, though you can combine tickets to the CRUSH Gala, the big Kahuna of wine tastings, with your hotel room to save a little bit of money.

Oh, did I mention that the after parties feature music live and burlesque dancers? Well, they do.

You’ll also probably need to renew your passport if it’s expired.  Passports are required for all flights into Canada. If you’re driving, you can bring either a passport or an alternative document like a passport card, a NEXUS card or an enhanced driver’s license (assuming you live in a state that offers them.)

However, unless you’re planning on a bit of a road trip, you’ll most likely want to fly in. It usually takes about six weeks to renew your passport with regular processing and about three weeks if you spring for the State Department’s expedited processing. However, don’t despair if you’d like to go to the festival and don’t have a valid passport. You do have options: you can either make an appointment at the closest of the nation’s 24 regional passport agency offices, or you can avoid the hassle and use a private passport expediting company like RushMyPassport. We’ll take your application directly to the Department of State for processing in as little as 24 hours.

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