Forty-one percent of U.S. citizens have a valid passport, but what is everyone else missing out on? As it turns out,  a passport is more than just a travel document.

To kick off the Hilton Passport Project, Hilton Hotels & Resorts recently surveyed their guests to uncover the hidden benefits of having a passport. Are you ready to find out how a passport can help you live your best life?

Here are 5 surprising reasons to get a passport.

Want to win friends and influence people? Get a passport!

Can getting a passport help you make friends? Surprisingly, the answer may be “Yes.” According to Hilton, 37% of recent international travelers gained new international friends during their adventures abroad, and, 35% of international travelers said they gained a deeper relationship with their travel companion.

Meanwhile, 32% of the guests Hilton surveyed said they were motivated to travel by the desire to spend time with family and friends, and 9% were excited about the prospect of meeting new people.

International travel can also make other people see you as more interesting. For example, 1 in 4 people without passports think passport stamps are “a badge of honor.”

Looking for love? A passport can help!

Having a passport can also improve your love life. According to the Hilton Passport Project, 16% of recent international travelers used a dating app while traveling abroad, and 20% said they found a potential romantic connection overseas.

Your passport status can also make you more (or less) attractive to the opposite sex.  For example, 44% of international travelers would “think twice” before tying the knot with (or even dating) someone without a passport.  On the other hand, 7% described passport holders as “sexier” than people without passports.

If you’ve already found your soulmate, a passport can make your relationship stronger. In fact, 34% of married travelers claimed that traveling together helped them “deepen their relationship.”

Is a valid passport the secret to happiness?

According to the Hilton Passport Project, that might be the case for some people. For example, 53% of passport holders described themselves as “content with their lives” in the survey, compared to only 34% of those without passports.

Why are passport holders more content with their lives? As you might expect, 75% of passport holders say they enjoy traveling, but it’s more than that. Thirty-seven percent of recent international travelers said that traveling gave them a sense of accomplishment, and 62% are proud of the fact that they have a passport.

A passport to a better job

Getting a passport can also help improve your career prospects. For example, 66% of Hilton’s respondents believe that travel experience can be just as valuable as a college degree.

Meanwhile, 15% of Hilton guests said “career advancement” motivated them to travel internationally.

But does international travel make you more attractive to potential employers? Studies do show that study abroad participants were hired at higher rates than students without international experience.

Need more reasons to get a passport? We’ve got one word for you: FOMO.

Ever scroll through your Instagram feed, drool over your friends’ amazing vacation pictures, and think, “Am I missing out?”

You’re not alone.  In fact, 85% of people who don’t have a passport and don’t travel internationally believe they are “missing out.” And they might be right: 57% of people who have traveled abroad believe that they gained opportunities they would have otherwise missed out on.

Want to make next year the year you lose the fear of missing out? Get a passport and book a trip.

Ready to get a passport?

Do you have a passport-shaped hole in your life? It’s time to fix that!

Getting a passport doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t have to take months, either.  Check out our insider’s guide on how to get a passport for step-by-step instructions, tips, tricks and shortcuts.

One word of caution: if you apply for your passport at the post office, it will take at least 2 to 3 weeks to process, even if you request expedited service.

If you need it sooner, the State Department does have regional passport agencies scattered across the country that can get your passport back to you in a week or less, depending on your needs. Or, a passport expediting company like RushMyPassport can help.

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