Can you still get a passport?  Yes!

You can still get a passport even though the federal government is partially shut down. Passport Services are fully supported by the fees you pay to get a U.S. passport, instead of appropriated money, so these activities are not affected.

According to the Department of State,

“In the event of a lapse in appropriations, the Department of State will continue passport and visa operations as well as provide critical services to U.S. citizens overseas. It is a national security agency which means it has national security responsibilities and will continue working despite the shutdown.”

One caveat: Some passport services located in some Federal buildings MAY BE DISRUPTED if the buildings are forced to close due to lack of maintenance and support staff. RushMyPassport processing centers are not affected. We will still be able to get your paperwork where it needs to go and your passport back to you very quickly, even if your local passport agency experiences a disruption.

Need a passport in a hurry during the government shutdown? Apply with us today!