Passport processing times are now the longest they’ve ever been. Recently the U.S. Department of State increased the standard passport processing times to 7-10 weeks. Make sure you plan ahead if you need to get your passport for an upcoming trip.

Passport Processing Method Processing Time
Routine 7-10 weeks
Expedited at Post Office 4-6 weeks
Expedited at Agency By Appointment Only
Expedited through 1 week

You can view the latest processing times by visiting the U.S. Department of State website.

How to Get a Passport Quickly

What if you can’t wait that long? It’s always best to play it safe and apply well in advance. Still, procrastinators and last-minute travelers take heart: There are ways to “cut in line” and get your passport in a hurry. Here’s how.

Expedited Passports At A Post Office

If you have enough time, you can simply pay the $60.00 expedite fee and use the post office to expedite your application. Here’s how:

  • Pay the extra fee.
  • Write “EXPEDITE” on the outside of the envelope if you’re mailing your application from home. Remember, you can only apply by mail if you’re applying for a passport renewal and meet certain qualifications. Otherwise, you’ll need to apply at a post office or another passport acceptance office.
  • Processing time is listed on the Department of States’s website

Expedited Passports at a Passport Agency

If you need your passport more quickly, find the nearest regional passport agency and make an appointment.  There are 28 of these offices scattered around the country; we’ve compiled a directory so you can find the closest location to you. The additional $60 expedite fee still applies.

At a passport agency, you can get your passport in 3 days or less, but only in circumstances of life or death.

Using a Passport Expediting Company

Can’t make it to a passport agency, or just don’t want to deal with the hassle? Get VIP treatment with a passport expediting company like RushMyPassport. We hand carry your application to the Department of State, with passport renewals processing in as little as one week with no need to travel to a passport agency.

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