Are you tired of your job, or just ready to take some time off to travel?  Or, perhaps you, like millions of other people, have been victimized by the economic downturn? If you don’t mind living abroad, there’s actually an exciting career with lots of job openings available: teaching English overseas.

Becoming an English teacher in a foreign country has lots of advantages: learning a new language yourself, meeting new people and seeing new places. Plus, you’ll come back with experience overseas that looks great on a resume.

You don’t have to be a schoolteacher or even have a college degree to take advantage of this opportunity.  However,  in many cases you will need an ESL teaching certificate. You can take a course for the certificate either in the US or overseas, and companies that offer the courses usually offer job assistance or even guaranteed placement after you’re through.

As Doug from notes in this blog post: “As crazy as the idea sounds, it may just be the thing to get a break from the 9-5 grind, give some thought to your career or prepare to go back to school.”

Before you jump on a plane to another country, don’t forget this important first step: obtaining a passport. Given current processing times, you need to allow at least 6 weeks after you submit your application for your passport to arrive in the mail. Even if you request expedited service from the government, you should still allow 3 weeks  or more.

Obtaining a passport more quickly than that is possible, but it’s best done through a private passport expediting company. An expediting company will submit your passport application by hand to the right people in the US Department of State, resulting in much faster processing times. In fact, if you choose the fastest option, can reduce your passport processing time to as little as 24 hours!

Are you ready to to take the plunge? Get started on obtaining a passport today!