On June 1st, the final phase of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative became law. The new laws require that Americans traveling to Canada by land or sea carry passports with them. Apparently, obtaining a passport is too much trouble for many Americans, as tour operators are reporting a shift towards domestic destinations.

According to this article on Canada.com, motor coach tours to visit destinations in Canada are down by 30% over the past year. This is almost the same as the percentage of tour members who stated that they didn’t have a passport and didn’t want to get one. Since 2001, after security became more of a concern and travel regulations became stricter, day trips are down by 70%.

So, is obtaining a passport to go to Canada really worth it? Definitely! For more details, check out the Top Reasons to Get an Express Passport and Visit Canada This Summer.

If you’d like to travel to Canada, you’ll need to allow at least 6 weeks for processing if you apply through the government with normal processing. The government’s expedited processing takes at least 3 weeks. For faster processing and better customer service, consider using a private passport expediting company. You’ll have knowledgeable, professional passport experts to help you through the application process, and processing times as fast as 24 hours!

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