Is your passport about to expire? Are you wondering if you should bother with the US passport renewal process, or just let it go for a while? The New York Times has a review of some new Caribbean resorts that just might motivate you to get down to the post office with your renewal application!

All of the resorts the Times reviews focus on immersing travelers in local culture and local experiences. My favorite resort out of the 5 mentioned in the article is the Hotel Chocolat on St. Lucia. The resort consists of private cottages located on a real, working cocoa plantation. Perks include gorgeous, lush Caribbean scenery and, of course, chocolate.

However, James Bond fans might prefer a stay at the newly renovated GoldenEye, the same Jamaican property where Ian Fleming wrote his famous spy novels. Now owned by Chris Blackwell of Island Records, the resort has 22 decked-out rooms, serves local fare and hosts a variety of fun fitness activities.

Of course, the only resort mentioned in the article that you can visit without a passport is the one in Puerto Rico. If you want to go anywhere else in the Caribbean, you’d best get your US passport renewal application in. A passport is required to travel between the US and the Caribbean by air. If you’re traveling by sea, you have a little bit more leeway and can use a passport book, a passport card, an enhanced driver’s license or a trusted traveler card. See Do You Need a Passport to Go to the Caribbean? for details.

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