For anyone planning an international trip, it’s important to know “How long does it take to get a passport?”  Without one, you will not be allowed to board the plane.  Here are the standard and expedited processing times to help you prepare and avoid the need to postpone or cancel your trip:

  • Standard service – Allow 4-7 weeks for your new passport to arrive when applying directly by mail through the US Passport Agency. Processing times vary depending on the season and the volume of applications that the US Passport Agency receives at any given time.  You can check current processing times at their website.
  • Expedited service at post office – Allow 3 weeks  when requesting the expedited service by mail with overnight shipping to and from the processing center. That way, if there’s something wrong with your application, you’ll have time for the passport agency to notify you so you can correct it.
  • Walk in – If you can get an appointment at the passport office in your state, you can go directly to the office with your paperwork and get one that day. Make sure your application is complete and plan on arriving early to avoid waiting in long lines.

OR, a private passport expediting company can submit your passport application. There are several advantages to using an expediting service: 

  • Much faster processing time – Allow 1 to 8 Days depending on how quickly you need it.  Expediting services charge a fee to submit your passport application directly to the US Passport Agency for same day processing.
  • Personal service – With an expediting company, your application is monitored by a trained passport specialist. If there’s anything wrong, you’ll get a phone call instead of a letter in the mail.
  • Peace of mind – If you have a trip planned in the near future, waiting for your passport can be extremely stressful, especially as your departure date draws near.  Save yourself a few untimely gray hairs by using an expediting company to submit your application!

For faster processing and great customer service, expedite your passport with!