If you’re a Global Entry member, you may be wondering what happens when it’s time to renew (or replace) your passport. Will you need to register the new passport with the Global Entry program? Will you need to get a new sticker for your new passport?

First, the bad news: Your Global Entry account doesn’t update automatically. Now for the good news: Unless you’ve changed your name, you can update your information online using your GOES (Global Entry Online Enrollment System) account. You actually don’t need a sticker on your passport to use the Global Entry kiosks, as long as the information stored in the system is current.

However, if you want a new sticker, you can visit a Global Entry, Nexus or SENTRI enrollment center to have one placed on your new passport. It’s up to you.

Passport Name Changes

If your passport renewal or replacement included a name change, updating your Global Entry account is a bit more involved. To update your account, you must:

  • Make an appointment to speak with a CBP officer at a Global Entry enrollment center.
  • Pay $25 for a new Global Entry card.

If you’ve recently gotten married, divorced or otherwise had your name legally changed, you may need to have your name changed on your passport (and update your Global Entry account) in advance of your next international trip. To comply with TSA’s SecureFlight regulations, the name on your plane ticket must match the name on the ID you’ll use to fly.

The process (and cost) of changing your name depends on how long ago your passport was issued. For your convenience, an overview of the process is available here:

Changing Your Name on Your US Passport Renewal

While we can’t update your Global Entry account for you, we can speed up and simplify getting a passport name change by walking you through the application process and hand-carrying your application to the Department of State for processing in as little as 24 hours.

Need your passport renewed quickly?