Christmas is almost here, which means that people all over the country are traveling to see their families, both inside and outside of the US. The Sacramento Bee reports that each year, 1 million Mexican citizens return home to Mexico over Christmas break. That’s a lot of people, and that’s not even counting members of their families who are US citizens and likely traveling with them.

Holiday trips are more complicated when your family lives out of the country. Remember, if you’re crossing the border, even into Canada or Mexico, you’ll need a passport if you’re traveling by plane. In fact, it’s a good idea to have a passport even if you’re driving, just in case something comes up and you need to fly back. In the article referenced above, many Mexican citizens were getting passports from the Mexican consulate, which was able to issue them immediately. What about American citizens? How can they get 24 hour passports? If you’re a US citizen planning on going out of the country for the holidays, hopefully you already have your passport ready to go. But what if you don’t?

At this point, you’ll need to get a 24 hour passport to spend Christmas out of the country. The best way to get a 24 hour passport is to go through a private passport expediting agency like A private passport expediter can deliver your passport documents to the US government by hand the same day, and then rush your newly issued passport back to you. For extra piece of mind, some private passport expediters even let you track your 24 hour passport order through every step of the process.

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