What, exactly, is a “‘honeymoon tester?” Basically, it’s a dream job for any couple that likes to travel.  Here’s the job description, from Runawaybrideandgroom.com:

“Would you be able to sip champagne, while lying in a hammock slung between two palm trees on a white, sandy beach, with your romantically linked partner beside you, without spilling your drink? Well then, you may just have what it takes for the Ultimate Job in Ireland (and probably the world!).”

Sounds like heaven, right? Then hop on over to RunawayBrideandGroom’s website to apply. The Irish travel agency is hiring one lucky couple to spend 6  months testing out luxury honeymoon accommodations in exotic locations like the Maldives, Zanzibar and Thailand.  Not only are all of your (and your significant other’s) travel expenses paid for, Runaway Bride and Groom will also pay you €20,000 to compensate you for all of your “hard work.”

To apply, you and your significant other need to create an 80 second webcast describing why Ireland is an excellent wedding destination and why you and your significant other are the right team for the job.  Entries are due by April 7th.

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