Winter is traditionally low season in Iceland, but the “Inspired by Iceland”  campaign aims to fix that. To entice more tourists to visit Iceland during the cold winter months, the campaign encourages Icelanders to open up their homes to tourists eager to have locals show them around the country.  It has received support from no less a public figure than Iceland’s prime minister,  Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, who posted a video on the Inspired by Iceland website encouraging others to take part. In the video, Prime Minister Grimsson says,

“Now at the beginning of winter, we traditionally see fewer tourists in Iceland. This is a development we want to change…Me and my wife Dorrit will also take part here at our residence at Bessastadir, invite a good group to come here for traditional Icelandic pancakes. Dorrit also wants to treat them to vegetables we grow in greenhouses…Then we will take a scenic walk around here and see the birdlife and the majestic views.”

Pancakes and a nature walk…that’s my idea of a good time. You’re on!

Visiting the Inspired by Iceland website, it appears that a fair number of Icelanders have decided to follow the Prime Minister’s example. Musicians Mugison and Sigga would love to entertain you with traditional Icelandic music, while Ragnar would be delighted to take you on a traditional Icelandic ice cream car ride. Very hardy souls can arrange to go sea swimming with Benedikt, who promises that afterwards “you will feel like a new person.” Meanwhile, another gentleman named Ragnar will teach you how to take breathtaking photographs of the Northern Lights.

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