When I was a kid, Halloween was more than just October 31st. It was a month-long celebration, and usually included a trip to a Haunted House and/or a local theme park in addition to trick-or-treating on Halloween itself. For the past 10 years, the Ocean Park theme park in Hong Kong has taken that experience and put it on steroids with its “Halloween Bash.” (h/t In Transit) This year is their 10th anniversary celebration, and they’re pulling out all the stops in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

Per the Halloween Bash website, this year’s festivities include 444 ghoulishly-costumed performers (why not 666?), a maze explored in total darkness, and a ride that simulates being shut into a coffin and pushed into a crematorium (presented by Yahoo, no less). I’d stay away from that last attraction if you’re claustrophobic.

Like all theme park food, I’m pretty sure the food at Ocean Park is grotesquely overpriced. But, at least they’re being creative about it: fare includes dishes like “Little Girls Drowned in Blood,” “Smashed Brains in Plasma” and “Kraken and Leviathan Massacre.”

Oh, and they also have laser tag. With zombies. So, what are YOU doing for Halloween?

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