Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it…and what better excuse is there to travel? Of course, everyone knows that Paris is for lovers, but there are plenty of other exciting, romantic Valentine’s Day destinations that don’t get nearly as much publicity.  Read on for some great Valentine’s Day travel ideas, but remember, if you want to go, you’ll need to get a passport fast!

Best Place For Fairy-Tale Romance

The Art of Backpacking has a a great post up highlighting some potential Valentine’s Day destinations, including Germany’s “Romantic Road.” The Romantic Road runs through southern Germany. It lives up to its name with breathtaking scenery, tiny medieval mountain hamlets, and a stunning 19th-century castle at the end!

Most Unusual Destination Wedding

Do you like scuba diving? Are you ready to “take the plunge” with the one you love, literally and figuratively? The Art of Backpacking’s Valentine’s Day travel post also highlights an unusual destination wedding option offered by Trang Underwater Weddings of Pak Mech Beach in Trang, Thailand. As the name suggests, the company offers underwater weddings in full scuba gear, and for Valentine’s Day weekend, they have a three day extravaganza going on for couples who are ready to “dive in” to a life-long partnership.

Best Tropical Escape

Actress Kate Hudson recently named the Great Barrier Reef’s Lizard Island Resort as the “most romantic place in the world” in an interview with London’s Daily Mail. If you’d like a preview before you travel, rent the movie “Fool’s Gold,” which was filmed at the resort.

Best Natural Jacuzzi

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is a large geothermal bath where you and your love can soak your cares away amidst some fantastic volcanic scenery.  The country’s recent economic crisis has a silver lining for tourists: a vastly improved exchange rate.

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