What’s the best way to get your passport expedited during the busy travel season?

The US Department of State’s standard passport processing time is four to six weeks. In a recent press release, the State Department said customers using third-party expediting companies “do not receive their passport any faster than those who come directly to the U.S. Department of State and apply at one of our 25 passport agencies located across the United States.”

Does that mean expediting companies like RushMyPassport are not worth the money? Not so fast!  Due to geographic location and work schedules, many consumers may not be able to get an expedited passport without the help of a third party expediter.

To see why, let’s take a look at the options you have available to you. The government fee for all of these options is $170.

Option 1: Same Day Expedited Service Directly with The US Department of State 

Make an appointment at one of the 25 regional passport agency offices and centers scattered throughout the country. They offer same day processing by appointment only.  If you do not use a private passport expediter this is the only way to get your passport processed in one day.  

For some people, waiting at a passport agency or driving to the nearest location may not be a option.

Option 2:  Same Day Expedited Service with RushMyPassport

We take your application to a passport agency for you, no appointment necessary. We do charge an additional fee, but in return we offer additional help with the application process and same day processing with no need to make an appointment, take time off work, travel or wait in line at a passport agency. Our registered couriers do all that for you.

Option 3: Expedited Service in 2-3 Weeks with the Post Office

If you do not live or can’t travel to one of the 25 locations AND you don’t wish to use an expediting company like RushMyPassport, you can go to a local passport acceptance facility in your area and mail your application for expedited processing in 3 weeks. Overnight shipping costs are additional for faster turnaround.

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