Have you ever wanted to a see kangaroo in the wild? How about cuddle a koala?  There’s never been a better time than right now to see these animals in their natural habitat! At the NileGuidance Travel Blog,  you’ll find great deals on flights down under. Australian airline Qantas is offering a “travel stimulus” package: 55 to 60% off of flights to Australia!

Of course, koalas are wild animals. You really shouldn’t touch them-but you can see them up close and get some great pictures! If you’d prefer, New Zealand is also included in the special, so you can see the breathtaking scenery that was featured in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy for yourself. True Lord of the Rings fans can even go on Middle-Earth-themed tours to see Hobbiton, the Misty Mountains and Mount Doom (actually, it’s a volcano called Mt Ruapehu).  You can also see a variety of unique native flora and fauna,  lounge on the beach or just enjoy New Zealand’s unique blend of European, Asian and Polynesian cultures.

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