One question we get with some frequency here at RushMyPassport is this: “Do I need a passport to go to Hawaii?”

It’s easy to understand why there might be some confusion about this issue. After all, depending on where in the mainland you’re starting from, Hawaii is anywhere from 5 to 12 hours away by plane. It’s also an exotic place, with its own tropical culture and its own language (though just about everyone speaks English).

Via Wikipedia, here are some additional fun facts about what makes Hawaii unique:

  • It is the only state that not geographically located in North America.
  • It is the only state that is completely surrounded by water.
  • It’s the only state where coffee is grown (and if you visit, send me back a bag of Kona, would you?)
  • It is the only state that has royal palaces.
  • Finally, it is the only state without a single straight line in its boundary.

However, no matter how far away it is or how different it is, Hawaii is part of the United States. It became a state in 1959. The 50th star on the flag? That’s for Hawaii.

That means that even though it’s halfway across the world, you can fly there with nothing more than a driver’s license or state ID, just as if you were flying to any of the states in the mainland.You do not need a passport for travel between the US mainland and Hawaii-only if your itinerary includes a third country would that become necessary.

However, that being said, a valid US passport may be required for a Hawaiian cruise, if the itinerary includes stops in other countries like Mexico or Canada. For example, Carnival Cruise Line requires that passengers on all of its Hawaii cruises have passports. So, always check the itinerary and check with your cruise line to ensure you have the necessary documentation.

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