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US Passport Holders: Where NOT to Go In Mexico

Mexico has long been a playground for Americans on vacation, but lately it’s been in the news due to an unfortunate epidemic of drug-fueled violence. Is it still a safe place to visit? Despite the grisly headlines, the answer is “yes”-as long as you use common sense and stay away from the most lawless, unsafe regions of the country.

With that in mind, here’s  a summary of the areas in Mexico that the US Department of State has warned US passport holders to avoid:

  • The state of Durango- The Mexican state of Durango has become one of the epicenters of drug cartel-related violence, and the Department of State notes that 4 visiting US passport holders were murdered there late last year or early in 2010.
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Citizens With US Passports Urged To Avoid Parts Of Mexico

Were you planning to visit the Monarch butterfly breeding grounds in Michoacan, Mexico? According to the US State Department, you’d be better off waiting until next year. Mexico is continuing to experience problems with drug cartel violence in that region, according the AP.

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US Passport Holders: Traveling To China With a Fever

US passport holders should be aware that if they are planning on traveling to China any time in the near future, they’d better be healthy when they leave home! The Chinese government has introduced some pretty strict quarantine measures to try to stem the spread of the H1N1 “swine flu” virus, and international travelers are receiving extra scrutiny.

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Souvenir Passport Stamps? Make Sure to Have Extra Visa Pages

The Berlin Wall has been down for almost 20 years. However, Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous border crossing between East and West Berlin, is still a major tourist attraction. And, for a fee, you can still get your passport stamped just as you would have if you crossed from East Berlin to West Berlin when the wall was still up.

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US Passport Holders Cautioned About Travel To Mexico

Recently, the US Department of Stateissued a travel warning for American citizens regarding travel to Mexico. Our neighbor to the south has long been a popular vacation spot for Americans, but  some areas of the country have erupted into violence as drug cartels struggle for power over Mexican police forces and each other.

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