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How NOT to Get an Expedited Passport

Are you in a hurry to get your passport? Does your application seem have gotten mysteriously stuck in limbo? That’s frustrating for sure, but here’s how NOT to handle it: Calling your congressperson’s office and threatening them.

It may seem like I’m stating the obvious here, but apparently one East Tennessee man had to learn that particular life lesson the hard way.

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New Child Passport Application Forms Will Be More Inclusive

Passport applications forms are getting a makeover in March. What’s changing? So far, the major change that’s been announced is changing the “mother” and “father” fields to ensure that same-sex couples and people in other non-traditional family structures can more easily apply for a child passport for their children.

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Damaged Passport Ruins Canadian Couple’s Vacation

Larry Caza and his girlfriend just wanted to spend Christmas somewhere warm. So, the Canadian couple booked a tropical vacation in Mexico over the holidays. Unfortunately, Mr. Caza’s passport was water-damaged, and when they arrived at the airport airline employees refused to let them on the plane.

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