When you run out of pages in your passport, you have to get more pages added or you won’t be allowed to travel. Usually, adding pages is no big deal-in fact, until just this summer, the government didn’t even charge for it. However, tech entrepreneur Sanjeev Midha had a passport so large, he had to get an early US passport renewal instead.

According to AOL.com, Midha’s passport had enough pages that it could almost qualify as a small novel: a full 96 pages of passport stamps!¬†Once your passport gets that full, the State Department cannot continue to add pages to the back and will require you to get a new one instead. That’s what happened to Midha. After getting an early US passport renewal due to lack of space, he’s now on page 72 of his new passport!

How did he manage to amass such a collection of passport stamps? Midha strongly believes in the importance of travel, and he makes it a point to take his family to as many different places as he can. He has personally visited over 100 different countries, and his 16-year old son has been to at least 80. He explained to ABCNews.com:

“If people were to travel more to all parts of the world, there would be more camaraderie and less distrust, for more people would be getting authentic experiences, getting rich in all aspects of life, including culture, art, architecture, history, languages, science, cuisines, climates, nature and religion.”

If you need more pages in your passport, be aware that it can take some time to process your request. Allow at least 6 weeks if you apply for normal processing, which costs $82. Expedited service is an additional $60 plus overnight shipping costs, and you should allow at least 3 weeks if you decide to use it.

If you need your passport back with the additional pages more quickly than that, you have two options: make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency office or use a private passport expediting company. An expediting company costs a little more, since you have to pay the company’s fees, but it’s a faster, less time-consuming process, especially if you don’t happen to live near a Passport Agency office.

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