Canada and Mexico, our nearest neighbors, are popular destinations for Americans looking to get away from it all for Labor Day. If you’re planning to cross the border during the three-day weekend, the nice folks at US Customs and Border Patrol have some words of wisdom for you: don’t forget your US passport. Passport books are required for US citizens who seek to cross into Mexico or Canada by air. If you’re traveling by land or sea, you’ll need one of the following: a passport book, a passport card or a membership in a trusted traveler program like NEXUS or SENTRI.

Having your passport ready when you approach the border crossing can definitely speed things up, but keep in mind that no matter how prepared you are, it still may take longer than usual to get across. In a CBP press release, Acting Port Director Marty Raybon reminds vacationers that “Holidays are always a busy time at our border crossings as travelers enjoy a little vacation time. We want to work with our travelers so that they know how to be ready to cross so that we can facilitate their travel.”

In addition to having the right documents, one way to keep yourself from spending too much of your precious vacation time waiting in line at a checkpoint is to check the border conditions before you go. The CBP provides this information on its website. Use it to find the most advantageous time to cross.

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