Traveling in a hurry? There are several ways to get an expedited passport.

According to State Department spokesman Peter Velasco, the Department of State has 26 passport agencies across the nation that can assist U.S. travelers who need their travel documents immediately. The Department of State charges an additional $60 fee for expedited passport service.

If you have to travel abroad for business or family emergencies and you need to leave in a day or two, applying for an expedited passport through the State Department will not solve your problem. But you do have other options.

US Passport Agency – Standard – 4-7 Weeks, Expedited 2-3 weeks – Standard – 8-12 Days, Expedited 24 hours

If you need your expedited U.S. passport for immediate travel, a passport expediting service is the ideal solution. If one of the tasks on your “to do” list involves getting or renewing your passport, you may discover that an expedited passport service is actually a godsend. Yes, you’ll pay a fee for the service. But you won’t have to do any of the legwork.

People take advantage of expedited passport services when renewing a U.S. passport or getting a first time passport, because the process takes a lot of time and energy. In addition to all the required paperwork, passport applicants can often wait in long lines for hours, eating up all your valuable time. Many feel it simply isn’t worth the hassle. Overseas travelers have plenty of loose ends to tie up before their trips – and very little spare time in which to do it.

How much is your time worth? Is it worth missing a day of work and the aggravation of standing in line at the post office or passport office to handle the passport paperwork yourself? More and more people are saying “no”. When time is at a premium, our expedited passport services can deliver a lot of peace of mind.