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Do You Need a Passport To Go To The Bahamas?

Recent changes in passport rules have many U.S. Citizens confused about whether they need a passport to go to the Bahamas.  On June 1st, 2009, the final phase of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) went into effect which means:

If you are traveling by plane, you must have a U.S. Passport.

If you are traveling by sea, you can use a passport book or one of the following documents:

  • passport card
  • trusted traveler card such as NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST card
  • enhanced driver’s license (only some states have these).

Please note that the passport card can only be used if you are traveling to the Bahamas by sea-it’s no valid for air travel.


There are, however, a few exceptions to the above rules. For example, if you are traveling to the Bahamas on a closed-loop cruise, a cruise that begins and ends at the same US port, you can use your driver’s license and birth certificate instead of a passport.

There are also a couple of exceptions for children.  Children under age 16 can use a birth certificate, naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship IF they are traveling to and from the Bahamas by sea. Children under age 19 can also use birth certificates IF they are traveling by sea and IF they are traveling with a school group, a church group or a social or cultural organization supervised by an adult.

Just like adults, children in any age group must have a passport book to travel to the Bahamas by plane.

If the new passport regulations have caught you off guard, RushMyPassport can help. We hand-deliver your application to the US Department of State and then rush your new passport back to you, resulting in processing times as low as 24 hours.

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153 Responses to “Do You Need a Passport To Go To The Bahamas?”

  1. Do You Need a Passport to Go to the Bahamas? - Blog

    […] Effective June 1st, 2009, the requirements to travel to the Bahamas have changed. Please see this entry for the most up-to-date […]

  2. Joy

    I called Rush my Passport today and I was told you must have a passportt
    cruising to the Bahama’s from the US. On this site it said “No” could
    use license and birth certificate. Would you please clarity this for

    Thank you.

    PS Also, Mexico, a loop cruise from the USA.

  3. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Joy,

    As long as its a closed-loop cruise (beginning and ending at the same US port), you should be fine to re-enter the US with your driver’s license and birth certificate (make sure it’s the official copy, not a hospital copy, though).

    BUT I would actually call the cruise line to double-check- Mexico is requiring passports for US citizens to enter if they are traveling beyond the “border zone,” which is usually 20 to 30 km in but varies depending on location. So, again, I would urge you to call your cruise line before you try to board with your license and birth certificate. They’ll be able to tell you for sure if you need a passport or not.

    Also, remember that you have to have a passport for air travel to/from Mexico and the Bahamas, so it’s best to have one for a cruise just in case you need to fly back for any reason, or in case you miss the boat at port and need to fly somewhere to catch up to it.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Cristina

    Hey am from Maimi.
    And i wanted to know if I go on a cruise will I need a passport.

    Thank tou!

  5. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Cristina,

    It depends. Where are you cruising to?

  6. misty!

    what if you are 13 without the orignal birth certifite going to a crusie to the bahamas and startss and ends in orlando????

  7. haze

    hey i am going to hawai tomarrow by plane,US to Hawai and hawai to US
    do i need a passport?

  8. Shirley

    Going on a cruise from miami to bahamas.. with my 16 yr old we need passports?

  9. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Shirley,

    Possibly. If the cruise begins and ends in Miami, you can just bring your driver’s license and your birth certificate. However, if you can get a passport before you go, that’d be best because it would mean you could fly home in case of an emergency.

  10. Alison Kroulek

    No, you don’t need a passport because Hawaii is part of the US.

  11. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Misty,

    You’ll still need your birth certificate to use as proof of citizenship. You can order a copy here:

  12. samatha

    Do I need a passport to take my boat from miami to the bahamas for the day.

  13. Alison Kroulek

    Yes, you need your passport or another WHTI-compliant document.

  14. Maranda Franklin

    Would I need a passport if i’m going on a cruise from the port of baltimore to the bahamas?

  15. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Miranda,

    As long as you return to the Port of Baltimore, you cruise is closed-loop and you can just use your birth certificate and ID as described above. Enjoy!

  16. Lionel harrison

    If I’m leaving to the Bahamas from the u.s. Can I use a Colombian passport

  17. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Lionel,

    I don’t see why not, if you’re a Columbian citizen. Bring your green card, too.

  18. Jeff

    I am leaving Florida on a cruise ship to go to the Bahamas. I will
    be getting off the ship to get onto the island and then back on
    the ship to go back to Florida. Do I need a passport. Thanks

  19. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Jeff,

    You should be fine with just a certified copy of your birth certificate and a driver’s license, but double-check with your cruise line to be sure.

    Enjoy your cruise!

  20. kelly

    My mom is taking a friend and I on a cruise to the bahamas for a girls weekend. I’m 18 and my friend is 20. I was told we only needed license and birth certificate, but I was just wondering if that was right. Were leaving from florida and will be returning to florida..

    And if my friend isn’t my moms daughter will she be okay with just her license and certificate too, or will she need a passport?

    Thank you

  21. Alison Kroulek

    Yes, you all should be fine. Enjoy your cruise!

  22. R. Iacino

    I just sent in my passport for renewal.
    How do I go to the bahamas Sunday?

  23. Alison Kroulek

    Well, if you’re going on a closed-loop cruise you can use your driver’s license and birth certificate. If not, you need a passport. It’s unfortunate that you’ve already sent it off. I would call the National Passport Center and see if they can help: 1-877-487-2778

    Best of luck!

  24. Cynthia

    Hello, I plan on going on a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas. It start out in Miami and ends in the same port. I have an Argentine passport with a multiple entry Visa to go to the U.S., would this be all I need? I’m a bit worried since I already purchased the tickets, thank you.

  25. Alla K

    I will be going to from miami to bahamas and bahamas to miami. If am not US Citizen, just permanent resident. Do i bring my permanent resident card?
    Thank You

  26. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Alla,

    Yes, you’ll need to bring your permanent resident card. Have a great trip!

  27. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Cynthia,

    It sounds like you should be fine, but do contact your cruise line just to be on the safe side. Have a great trip!

  28. Carolyn W

    I’m worried about the person who didn’t know that Hawaii was part of the US.

  29. Jean

    Am a permanent resident and have my permanent resident card with me. is that all i need, or do i still need to get a passport?

  30. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Jean,

    You’ll need your passport (from the country you’re currently a citizen of) and your permanent resident card. Hope this helps!

  31. Jodi

    Hi, we are from Seattle, we have teenagers and want to book a trip to Atlantis in the bahamas. Do we need passports ?

  32. Bob


    I have a question I will be going on a cruise this year, I am a permanent resident, and have a greencard, my national passport from the country I was born in however is expired, will i be able to go on a royal caribbean cruise to mexico, under close loop sailing is this all i require(green card), since I (will depart from the same port in fort lauderdale that I leave from), or do I need to get my passport renewed, renewing the passport is not really an option though.

  33. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Bob,

    Unfortunately, as a permanent resident you’ll need both your green card and a valid passport. See below for more details:

  34. Tracey H.

    I have the chance to go to fly the Bahamas on short notice with work. My daughter does not have a a us passport, but she does have a permanent resident card. Will she need a US passprt to get back onto the plane and admitted into the US?

  35. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Tracey,

    No, if she’s a permanent resident all she’ll need is her permanent resident card and a valid passport from the country she’s a citizen of. Have a great time!

  36. Julie


    I just won a trip to the bahamas and I was hoping to bring my boyfriend but he doesnt have a passport. Could he get a passport card instead or is it required to have the passport book?

  37. Jake Z

    Is Florida one of the states that has the enhanced Driver License? If so and I get one is that all I will need for the cruise to the bahamas?

  38. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Jake,

    No, but if it’s a closed-loop cruise, one that begins and ends at the same US port, you can just use a regular driver’s license and a certified copy of your birth certificate in most cases. Please contact your cruise line to verify what you need.

  39. Alison Kroulek

    It depends – he can use the passport card if you’re traveling there by sea, but if you’re flying in he has to have a passport book.

    Congratulations, and I hope you both enjoy your trip!

  40. Kaitlyn

    I am going on a carnival cruise to the bahamas I will leave from Miami and return to Miami will I need a passport? If we get out and onto land?

  41. Ernie

    My Girlfriend is from Cuba, She is a permanent US resident and has a green card, but she lost her cuban passport.
    Do she need her passport to go on a cruise from Miami to bahama and back to Miami?
    Thank you for you answer.

  42. brandy

    if my husband and i were to leave from miami to go on a cruise to the
    bahamas and owe back child support would we need passports or just our driver license and original birth certificate

  43. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Brandy,

    In most cases, you should be fine with your driver’s license and birth certificate but please confirm this with your cruise line prior to travel.

    Have a great trip!

  44. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Ernie,

    All the US requires of her is her green card. However, the Bahamas appears to require US permanent residents to show a valid passport from their native country and their green card.

    See below for more details, and call the Bahamas Embassy if you have further questions about what she’ll need to get in:

    Good luck!

  45. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Kaitlyn,

    You should be fine with just your driver’s license and a birth certificate, but please check with your cruise line for their requirements.

    Have a great trip!

  46. Junelly

    Hi, im a U.S resident, i have my permanent resident car and im going to the Bahamas on a private boat, my passport is expired, can i go with my resident card and expired passport?

  47. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Junelly,

    That’s no problem as far re-entering the US is concerned; however, you may need a valid passport to enter the Bahamas. It depends on the country you’re a citizen of. Call the Bahamian Embassy and see what you need.

    More info here:
    and here:

  48. Junelly

    I’m from Cuba.

  49. Fiona

    Be safe get a passport otherwise you could be denied boarding!!

  50. maria

    Please I am going on a 4 day cruise and two of the days they stop at
    Nassua,Bahamas.I am a permitted resident My card was issue in 1976
    and does not expire.I was ten years old and that is the picture on it
    I have not change much.Do you think I will have a problem?And I have a
    valid driver license.Please help

  51. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Maria,

    You will probably need to renew it. According to US Citizenship and Immigration Services, if you have a card that doesn’t have an expiration date on the front, it’s a very old version that is no longer valid. Plus, if you were only 10 when it was issued, you will likely run into trouble if you try to use as ID now.

    For more information and renewal instructions, see:

  52. Lee


    I am a U.S. citizen taking a cruise from orlando to nassau with my child (under 16). I understand that since it is a closed-loop cruise we should be fine with certified copies of our birth certificates and photo i.d.s…but, will be have any trouble getting off the ship in nassau without a passport?

    Also, is there any difference in the entry to the ship in the U.S. like expedited entry if you have a passport versus just birth certificate and photo i.d. or is it just one line for everyone. Please advise.


  53. Savannah

    What states have the enhanced driver’s license?

  54. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Savannah,

    Currently, just Michigan, New York, Washington and Vermont.

  55. majic

    hi , i’m from saudi arabia and i go to school in usa and i would like to go to bahamas do i need visa or do i need to take my passport with me ?? what i need to take …?

    thank you .

  56. Mike parsons

    If I take my own private boat to the bahamas from palm beach, and back does that comply with closed loop? Or is closed loop only for commercial cruise lines?

  57. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Mike,

    Closed-loop is only for commercial cruise lines. For a private boat, you’ll need a passport or a passport card. Have a great trip!

  58. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Majic,

    You’ll need your passport and a tourist visa. You can apply for the tourist visa here:

  59. Kelly Mcgruder

    I am traveling to Paradise Island, Bahamas in August and have a current
    U.S. pass port. My passport is good for several more years but does
    not have my married name on it. Can I travel with my maiden name on my
    passport if I bring along my marriage license? HELP!

  60. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Kelly,

    Due to the US government’s Secure Flight Initiative, the name on your tickets/boarding pass must match the name on the government-issued ID you’re using to travel. For an international trip, that’s your passport, and so if you’ve booked your ticket under your married name you’ll need to get the name changed on your passport.

    More information here:

  61. PAM

    If I’m a felon and don’t have a passport will I be able to cruise to the Bahamas with just my driver’s license and birth certificate, or is there something else I must do before I make cruise reservations?

  62. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Pam,

    All you should need in terms of ID is your driver’s license and birth certificate, but do call the Embassy of the Bahamas first to make sure your history won’t keep you from being able to enter. Hopefully that won’t be a problem, but it’s always better to know beforehand.

    Good luck!


    Hi, I planing a trip to FREEPORT BAHAMAS,

  64. AaronR

    So I have twin 14 month old girls and we are thinking of going to the Bahamas in fFeb. Will they need passports or will birth certificates be okay.

  65. AaronR

    We will be flying from Nework

  66. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Aaron,

    No, you will not be okay with just birth certificates if you are flying to the Bahamas. When you take a plane out of the country, all passengers, no matter how young, must have a passport book. Birth certificates are only acceptable for children traveling to the Bahamas by sea.

  67. Archie

    What if I plan on taking my personal yacht to the Bahamas.Will I need a passport or just my boat registration & drivers license?

  68. vanessa mcintosh

    Question concerning documentation drivers license and birthcertificate..will be cruising carnval, miami to bahamas in a couple of weeks, worried
    about birth certificate name not matching my drivers license, due to marriagehave been told to bring marriage license, it doesn’t match either married several times and a judge issue name change. Not sure what I need to do?? Anyone else have this problem.. Help

  69. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Vanessa,

    When the judge issued your name change, did those documents have your maiden name on it? If so, you could bring that instead of/along with the marriage certificate.

    I would contact Carnival, if you haven’t already. You should be fine with just your birth certificate and marriage certificate- this is not an uncommon situation, after all. But check with them first, explain the situation clearly, and see what they say, as they have the final authority over whether you board or not.

    Have a great cruise!

  70. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Archie,

    You’ll need a passport or a passport card. The driver’s license/birth certificate option is only available if you’re on a closed-loop cruise, like with Carnival.

    Have a great trip!

  71. John

    I am a British Citizen living in the US with a Resident Alien card my
    passport has expired. Will I need a Temp(emergency) passport as my trip
    is in a week from Miami to the Bahamas or will my Green Card and Drivers
    license be enough?

  72. John

    Extension of my last post… a closed loop cruise. Maimi-Bahamas-Miami

  73. Alison Kroulek

    Hi John,

    According to the WHTI you should be okay, but contact your cruise line as they may require a valid passport and the ports you stop at may require a valid passport. Good luck!

  74. Letty

    I want to take my mother to the Bahamas in November but she only has her Permanent resident Card, can she go with us with only that? and if not please advice what she needs. Thank you..

  75. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Letty,

    She’ll probably need both her permanent resident card and a valid passport, which in most cases she’ll be able to get at the embassy of the country in which she is a citizen. Hope this helps!

  76. Lewis

    I want to take my fiancee to a closed-loop cruise for are anniversary she in the US on a visa so do i need to get somthing to take her to the Bahamas?

  77. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Lewis,

    Contact the cruise line to see what she needs. Thanks, and have a great cruise!

  78. Rashi


    I am an Indian citizen, living in US on valid long term US visa(L1 visa).
    I am taking a closed loop cruise from Miami to Bahamas and back.
    Please let me know if I need to have Bahamas Visa also.
    Thanks so much!!!


  79. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Rashi,

    Contact the Embassy of the Bahamas to see what their requirements are. Here is their contact information:

    2220 Massachusetts Avenue, North West
    United States

  80. Lece

    Hi was wonder can i travel straight to miami with my expired passport and other documents of identfication to et my passport renewed?

  81. Jackie

    If you aren’t a citizen of the US but you have a valid drivers license and a birth certificate is that enough to be able to go on a cruise to the Bahamas?

  82. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Jackie,

    If you’re a permanent resident, you’ll need your permanent resident card. Contact your cruise line and the Bahamian Embassy to see if you also need a passport. Have a great trip!

  83. Beverly Brock

    HELP!!! Me and some girlfriends are heading out for the Bahamas out of Charleston tommorow but one of my friends cannot find her birth certificate, just a certificate of birth and her passport is expired. Is there anyway she can still board even if she doesn’t get off the ship in port?

  84. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Beverly,

    Probably not. ID and a birth certificate (official copy with a raised, embossed or watermarked seal) is the minimum requirement for passengers on closed-loop Caribbean cruises, and it’s highly unlikely the ship will let her board without it. Could she get another copy of her birth certificate by going to the Department of Vital Records where she was born?

  85. Ronica

    I copied and pasted the below passage from Discovery Cruise line, why are they stating that a passport is needed?

    I am a U.S. Citizen, what travel documents do I need? Do I need a passport?
    U.S. citizens aged 16 and above, are required to be in possession of a valid passport or passport card when traveling with Discovery to or from the Bahamas. Please note that passport application receipts will not be accepted for travel.
    American citizens 15 years of age and under born in the U.S. require either a valid non-cancelled passport or an original state issued birth certificate (issued by the Department of Health & Vital Statistics). Please note that copies of birth certificates are not acceptable.
    American citizens 15 years of age and under born outside the U.S. require either an American valid non-cancelled passport or an original naturalization certificate.

  86. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Ronica,

    I’m not sure, actually. If it’s a closed-loop cruise from a US port, all you are legally required to have to get back into the US is a driver’s license and a birth certificate. You may need the passport if your itinerary involves staying some nights on the island rather than in the ship. Otherwise, cruise lines are allowed to set their own requirements above and beyond what the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative requires, so it may just be that Discovery doesn’t want to carry people without passports or passport cards. Either way, you need to follow the cruise line’s guidelines since they determine whether or not you get to board the ship. That’s why we always advise people to check with their cruise lines, just to be sure.

    Enjoy your trip!

  87. venetrice

    Hello! I want to visit sum1 in da bahamas and stay a few nights. Will i ned a passport or can i just use my DL and birth certificate

  88. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Venetrice,

    You will need a passport. Have a great trip!


    If I want to travel to Atlantis with my kids do we all need passports travel from Texas?

  90. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Jessica,

    Yes, if you’re flying to the Bahamas you do need passports (the passport books, not the cards). The only way you would not need a passport would be if you were on a closed-loop (beginning and ending at the same US port) cruise that stopped in the Bahamas.

  91. santos pagan


  92. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Santos,

    That should be fine, but please contact your cruise line. Thanks!

  93. Laura

    Hi there, we are planning on going on our friends boat from west palm beach fl to Freeport Bahamas. Does my one year old need a passport?? Thank you

  94. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Laura,

    No, as long as you’re traveling by sea you can just bring along his or her birth certificate as proof of citizenship. Have a great trip!

  95. jessica

    my 6 year old son is a US citizen we live in the Bahamas am Bahamian his passport expired this month will he be able to travel back to the US on the expired passport and his birth certificate his father lives in the
    US and will have to be present for me to do the new one

  96. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Jessica,

    Head to the nearest US Embassy and you should be able to get your son a new passport. The father doesn’t have to be present; you can get him to fill out a copy of Form DS-3053 from the Department of State’s website, get it notarized and send it to you to get the passport issued.

    Good luck!

  97. Renee

    Hello, I am going on a cruise next week with Carnival to the Bahamans (closed loop cruise) and was trying to save a few dollars and not get a passport. Cruise line is telling me that I will be OK with Original Birth Certificate with seal (which is foreign as my Dad was military) but I am hearing that I might not be able to get off the boat in the Bahamas without a passport. We are only there for a day so I am trying to get a clear answer, any suggestions? Thanks!

  98. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Renee,

    From the Department of State: “Travel by Sea: Americans may enter the Unites States from The Bahamas by sea using a passport, passport card, or other Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant document.”

  99. Desiree

    My boyfriend and I would like to go on a cruise for his birthday. I’ve read all the q&a’s and I know you said, as long as it’s a closed loop. Well this is my question, the cruise we want to go on, is a western caribbean cruise and we stop at 3 different places. Do we need passports to be able to get off & enjoy those places? Or is the driver’s license & birth certificate ok? If so, do we need to carry our birth certificates & dl’s on us at all times? we will be departing from tampa bay & returning there.

  100. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Desiree,

    You don’t tell me where you’re stopping, so my recommendation to you is simply to contact your cruise line about what documents you need.

    Have a great cruise!

  101. Alex

    Im an exchange student and my host family are going to Florida and Bahamas by cruise ship. My organization said i cant go because i dont have visa. Is that true? I search and found that can use passport is that right? Can u help by answer me quick please, if i cant go i have to stay home alone.

  102. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Alex, that depends on which country you’re a citizen of. Call the Bahamaian Embassy and ask what you’ll need, then contact the cruise line to confirm.

  103. Jojo

    If I want to travel to the Bahamas but I’m not a US. Citizen, but I have my permanent resident green card. How do I apply to get a passport?

  104. Nick Reynolds

    Do I need a Passport to get in the Bahamas?
    Nick Reynolds

  105. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Nick,

    Possibly, it depends on how you’re traveling. Please read the article for further details, and then let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  106. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Jojo,

    Contact the nearest embassy or consulate for your country of origin. Have a great trip!

  107. Jake

    I am going on a carnival cruise too the bahamas out of florida and returning too the same port in florida do i need a passport too get off the boat or will a dl and birth certificate be good enough?

  108. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Jake, a birth certificate and driver’s license should be fine, but please call your cruise line to confirm. Thanks!

  109. Kevin Perron

    Hey my kid and i are planing to got to the bahamas on our persolal boat. My kids are 17, 14, and 7. do i need a passport as well as my kids? And if not, what is needed?

  110. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Kevin,

    The 14 and 7-year-olds can get by with just their birth certificates, though please note they will need a certified copy with a raised seal. You and the 17-year-old need a passport or a passport card. That said, since you need a passport book to fly from the Bahamas, it might be best if you all had them just in case there were some sort of emergency and you had to fly back.

  111. Kenl

    My wife was born in Jamaica W.I and is currently a us citizen we are traveling to Bahamas by cruise ship (closed Loop) other then a valid driver license what else will she need to travel.

  112. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Keni,

    She needs proof of citizenship, so her naturalization certificate or a passport card. Have a great trip!

  113. tracey

    Hi Alison. I have been reading some of your5 questions and answers and I see that you have been telling people that if it is closed loop you do not need a passport and who would know better than you but anyways. My husband and I received a cruise to the bahamas for mothers and fathers day and some people that I know that travel alot are saying the laws have changed and NOW you do need a passport. Its all very confusing for something I will probably only do this one time and I really do not want to purchase a passport for this reason. do I or dont I? Thank you for your time. have a great day.

  114. Jehana

    Hi Alison! We want to travel to the Bahamas to/from Florida on our own boat with our children. The adult have passports, but kids do not (all under 18). We have birth certificates for all, but wonder if the no passport for a closed loop cruise rule applies to private boats as well. Where can I find this info in writing from a government source?

  115. Shaun

    Can I go on a cruise if I am on probation? I’m ready for a change of scenery. Thanks!

  116. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Shaun,

    That’s a question for your probation officer, I’m afraid. Good luck!

  117. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Tracey,

    If its closed loop, you shouldn’t, but contact your cruise line just to be on the safe side. Or you could get a passport card, which is cheaper (though keep in mind it’s not usable for air travel.) Good luck and have fun!

  118. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Jehana,

    As long as they’re under 16, they can use birth certificates. If you have any older teenagers, though, they need at least passport cards. See for more details.

  119. nayeli

    I am going to the bahamas in a close loop cruise in august. I recently got my US naturalization, I was wondering if I can use that with my ID to travel? It is kind of late for me to get my passport in time!

  120. Kerri Kaufmann

    Hi Nayeli,

    Congratulations on becoming a citizen! As long as it’s a closed-loop cruise you should be able to use your naturalization certificate along with a government-issued photo ID, but please call your cruise line and verify that as soon as possible, since they have final authority over whether you board or not.

    Have a great trip!

  121. Sally

    Hi Allison,

    I need to receive renewed passport by August 10. The $182.72 fee to receive it in 2-3 weeks is awful steep for me these days. Would rather take my chances and pay $110 to receive it
    within 4-6 weeks. But if I don’t receive it in time, I can bring my drivers’ license and birth certificate. My question is: Since I’m married now and was married and divorced before, do I have to bring 1st marriage certificate, divorce certificate, and second marriage certificate since, of course, my birth certificate shows my maiden name?

  122. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Sally,

    You should bring the marriage certificates for each marriage, yes, just to connect your current name to the one on your birth certificate. They may not even ask for it…but sometimes they do, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry when your vacation is on the line!

    Have a great cruise!

  123. Latisha Louderback

    Hi I wanted to know if I am goin on a cruise to the Bahamas leaving from Baltimore and returning to Baltimore do I need a passport or can I just use a birth certificate.

  124. Kerri Kaufmann

    Hi Latisha,

    You should be fine with your birth certificate and your driver’s license, but please double-check with your cruise line. Have a great trip!

  125. ronak

    i am going to bahamas this month on the carnival cruise . leaving from baltimore port and coming back to baltimore port. is it ok to travel just with the green card and drivers license or do need to have passport too. my passport is being renewed and it wont be ready by the cruise date. will i be fine with carnival cruise of just having green card with me with drivers license. i have the receipt from india embassy saying it is in the process of being reissued. please let me know asap. it would be helpful!

  126. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Ronak,

    Please contact the Bahamian embassy and your cruise line to verify their requirements. Good luck!

  127. Frank klavora

    Is a pennsylvania I D card and birth certificate good enough to go on a closed loop cruise to bahamas?

  128. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Frank,

    That should be fine, but please go ahead and double-check with the cruise line as well. Have a great trip!

  129. Rebecca

    I was born in Canada and brought to the U.S. at 6 months old. My mom who is a U.S. citizen did not fill out some paperwork that was necessary but she was unaware of this. I have a canadian birth certificate, a florida DL, and would love to go on a cruise to the Bahama’s closed loop cruise. I have a social security card and DL but will they accept a canadian birth certificate and florida DL since I obviously do not have a passport (too confusing)? Thanks

  130. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Rebecca,

    For a closed-loop cruise, the birth certificate is meant to serve as proof of citizenship. Since your birth certificate is from Canada, it’s not going to work as proof of citizenship to get you back in the US, I’m afraid.

    As the daughter of a US citizen, do you not qualify for US citizenship yourself? IF so, you really should apply for a passport and/or a Certificate of Citizenship as soon as possible- the longer you wait, the harder it may be to find relevant documents to back up your claim. (If you already have a Certificate of Citizenship, you can just take that on your cruise.)

    For a passport, you’ll need secondary evidence of US Citizenship, since I’m assuming one of the pieces of paperwork your mom didn’t get is a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. Here’s some information on how to do that. I hope it helps!

  131. Latoya

    My birth certificate is torn and has my maiden name as my last name. Will I also need to take my marriage license?

  132. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Latoya,

    Yes, and you should contact the Department of Vital Records where you born to get a new copy of your birth certificate. This page from the CDC will show you who to contact:

    Or, if you’re in a hurry, we recommend VitalChek:

  133. suresh

    I m a US citizen and my wife got a greencard through me but it was submitted to federal building and then they stamped extension in her passport until Jan 2014. Is that enough to travel to bahamas freeport and nassau on carnival’s cruise starting in NEW YORK pier ? Please help

  134. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Suresh,

    Please check with the cruise line to see what documentation she needs. Also, if she doesn’t have her green card yet I would check with the Bahamas Embassy and make sure she doesn’t need to apply for a visa in advance.

  135. William

    Want to go on a cruise out of and back in to Charleston, South Carolina with stops in Nassau, the Bahamas and Freeport, the Bahamas. Do I need a passport for any portion of this itinerary?

  136. Alison Kroulek

    You should be fine with a driver’s license and birth certificate/naturalization certificate, but please confirm that with your cruise line as they have the final authority over whether or not you board.

    Have a great trip!

  137. nathan brooks

    yes i’m leaveing port of palm beach takeing a cruise to nassau bahamas staying 2 days and returning to port of palm beach do i need a passport book or can i use a card instead

  138. Alison Kroulek

    A passport card should be fine, Nathan, but please do double-check with your cruise line.

  139. Nicole

    I am planning to travel on a 4 days and 3 nights cruise to the Bahamas on march 22nd to march 25th. We departing from Miami, FL and docking back in Miami, Fl. I’m assuming my cruise is a “closed loop” cruise since we are not staying in the Bahamas but actually on the cruise itself. I am not sure if I am going to need a passport or if my birth certificate and DL is proof enough of my citizenship to board. Please help!

  140. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Nicole,

    That should be fine, as it is a closed-loop cruise. However, please double-check with your cruise line to make sure they don’t require additional documentation. Have a great trip!

  141. Keith

    Hi, I have the same question that has been asked many times. Your answers seem a little confusing. On a closed loop cruise from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas, as a US citizen will I need a passport to actually get off of the ship in the Bahamas? I know I need a drivers license and birth certificate to get on the ship initially and once again to deboard once back to Port Canaveral, but specifically do I need a passport to explore off ship while docked in the Bahamas?

  142. Which Caribbean Islands Require Passport? | LMT

    […] on a cruise, see the rules set by the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), or click HERE to read descriptions based on travel by […]

  143. lisa

    my husband and I are planning a trip to the Bahamas in December we will be flying out of Chattanooga .we are both UNITED STATES CITIZENS ,we have a drivers license and a birth certificate ,,, do we still need a passport ??? thank you

  144. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Lisa, Yes, if you are flying to the Bahamas you definitely need a passport.

  145. María

    I have polítical asallium and I have my work permit in the USA and my social and I want to go on a closed loop cruise and I have my drivers license and I have my birth certificate but it’s Venezuelan. Would that be ok to go with that?

  146. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Maria,

    We recommend you contact the cruise line and/or the embassies for the cruise destinations to see what paperwork they require. Thanks!

  147. Bahamas Passport | Travel To Bahamas

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  149. Sweetie

    Good evening I am going on a cruise leving out of Florida in June do we needed passports.

  150. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Sweetie,

    As long as you’re returning to the same port, probably not. Do check with your cruise line, however- I can’t be 100% sure without knowing your itinerary. However, it’s still a good idea to have one so that you can easily fly back home in case of emergency, or fly to the next port if you miss the boat.

  151. What Document Do I Need To Get A Passport | Pitiya2

    […] Do You Need a Passport To Go To The Bahamas? – Recent changes in passport rules have many U.S. Citizens confused about whether they need a passport to go to the Bahamas. On June 1st, 2009, the final phase of the … […]

  152. bob

    we have a mom and her daughter and her two boys from indonesdia that want to take a short cruise to Nassau. What do they did for a visa and how do you obtain one?

  153. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Bob, Contact the nearest Bahamian Embassy or consulate.

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