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Do You Need A Passport To Go To The Bahamas?

UPDATE: Effective June 1st, 2009, the requirements to travel to the Bahamas have changed. Please see this entry for the most up-to-date information.

Changing travel regulations have left many people scratching their heads, wondering whether or not you need a passport to go the Bahamas.

Actually, it depends. Right now, if you’re traveling to or from the Bahamas by sea, all you need is government-issued photo identification and proof of citizenship, such as your birth certificate.  However, if you’re flying, you have to have a US passport to re-enter the US from the Bahamas.

On June 1st, 2009, the rules are changing again. After that date, almost everybody who is traveling to the Bahamas will need a passport to re-enter the US, whether they are traveling by land or by sea.  There are only a few  exceptions:

  • Children under the age of 16  can use their birth certificates if they are traveling by sea.
  • Children aged 18 and under traveling by sea can also use their birth certificates if they are on a chaperoned trip with a school group, church group or sports team.
  • Passengers on “closed-loop” cruises, cruises that begin and end in the same port in the United States, can use government-issued photo ID and a copy of their birth certificate.

Even if you fall into one of the groups listed above and are not required to carry a passport,  it’s still a good idea to bring one with you. That way, you’re protected if you need to fly home unexpectedly.

If you need to get a passport to go the Bahamas, you should apply for it as soon as possible. It can take 6 weeks or longer for you to receive your passport if you apply for regular processing, so make sure you allow enough time.

If you need your passport more quickly, a private passport expediting service like can help. Expediting companies will deliver your passport application by hand to the US Passport Agency, resulting in faster processing times and an easier passport application experience.  Check out the different passport packages we have available, and see how easy it can be to get a passport to the Bahamas!

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124 Responses to “Do You Need a Passport to Go to the Bahamas?”

  1. Anfal Al Radwan

    I have one question. I’m from Kuwait and I’m planning to go to the Bahamas between Sep and Nov. Do I need a VISA? What kind of VISA do I need? What are the documents needed? Please let me know.

  2. Alison Kroulek

    Hello, and thanks for commenting!

    If you’re a Kuwaiti citizen, you should check with the Bahamas’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find out what documents you need. Here’s the link:

    Thanks so much, and have a wonderful trip!

  3. shelby

    My friend is 17 years old, we are leaving for the bahama’s on sunday and it looks like she is not going to recieve her passport in time. Can she use her original birth certificate to leave and enter the U.S?

  4. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Shelby,

    It depends. You don’t specify if you are flying to the Bahamas or going on a cruise. If you are flying, she absolutely has to have a passport. If you’re going on a cruise or otherwise traveling by sea, she should be okay with a driver’s license and a birth certificate, as long you’ll be back in the States before June 1st.

    I hope this helps. Have a great trip!

  5. Alex

    Hey i was just wondering if i got a green card would it work if il go to bahamas? And what about an age because i heard you have to be 21 to check in or something?

  6. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Alex,

    You’ll need your green card and your passport from your country of origin. You should also be able to use your green card and your passport to get back into the US. The Bahamas don’t appear to have any age restrictions, but if you’re planning a cruise you should check with your cruise line.
    Here’s more information:

  7. Cadman

    We are leaving June 5th on a Cruise. Im pretty sure we leave and come
    back to the same port. We were told we only need a id and birth certificate
    Also im in the Army Reserve and have a military id. do i need a birth certificate
    and is there any other documents that work for a birth certificate

  8. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Cadman,
    Unfortunately, your military ID wont’ work for proof of citizenship.

    “U.S. citizens who board a cruise ship at a port within the United States, travel only within the Western Hemisphere, and return to the same U.S. port on the same ship may present a government issued photo identification, along with proof of citizenship (an original or copy of his or her birth certificate, a Consular report of Birth Abroad, or a Certificate of Naturalization).”
    From GetYouHome.Gov

  9. Isha

    Hello. I am considering going on a school trip to Europe, specifically London and Greece. Do I need London and Greece. Do I need a U.S. Passport to return to the U.S. evenasdfasdf;ljkjsdkaljj though it’s just a school trip?

  10. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Isha,

    Yes, you’ll definitely need a US passport to go to Europe. The rule about being able to use your birth certificate on a school trip only applies to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. To go to London and Greece, you’ll need a passport.

    Enjoy your trip!

  11. lboogie

    I am planning on leaving florida on a private boat to bimini.
    I can not find my passport. Will a copy of my B.C. work or does it have
    to be the original?

  12. dawn

    I am going on a cruise in december 2009 to the bahamas. It is on the carnival and we are portining in miami and then will be returning to miami to get off the boat. so does that mean i only need a birth cert. and my picture id to get on the ship in miami and also back on the ship when we are in the bahamas to head back to the states.

  13. mary

    im planning on going to the bahammas on aug 8th for a 1 week honeymoon and i am a permamnt resident in the u.s with a green card but my passport expires 2 days after i will get back will i have any problems going?

  14. alli

    hi we are traveling to the bahamas by a private plane, I have an expired passport and my 4 year old dauhter doesnot have one just a birth cert. will we be able to go ?

  15. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Alli,

    Since you’re traveling by plane, both you and your daughter have to have valid passports to travel to the Bahamas.

  16. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Mary,

    Congratulations on your marriage! :)

    Well, 2 days after you get back is cutting it close. I would call the Bahamas Embassy to be sure: Here’s their contact information:

  17. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Dawn,

    If your cruise begins and ends in Miami, you are correct. :)

  18. Alison Kroulek

    Since it’s after June 1, 2009, you need a passport. A birth certificate won’t work unless you are under 18 traveling by sea with your parents or a school group.

  19. pm

    I ‘m naturalized US citizen and I have my certification but don’t have my US passport. Can I travel to Bahamas with that

  20. Nakia

    Hi I want to know if I have a passport to come to the US and I am from the Bahamas and I want to live permently in US.. How do I go about getting my work permit to work in the US.

  21. Alison Kroulek

    Only if you are on a closed-loop cruise with a cruise line-one that begins and ends at the same port. Otherwise, no, you can’t use your certificate of citizenship and need to apply for a passport.

  22. kayla

    I am 18 and going on a cruise to the Bahamas and Purto Rico in december.
    Will i need a passport?

  23. kayla

    can i use a passport card to go to the bahamas and purto rico?

  24. Felice

    Going on a Royal Carribean cruise from Pt Canavaral and returning to Pt Canavaral in 4/10. Ports of call are Bahamas, St. Thomas, St. Marteen and back to Florida. Do my husband and I need passports?

  25. CHERYL


  26. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Cheryl,

    Possibly. It depends on where your cruise is going. Where are you cruising to?

  27. amanda

    Me and my boyfriend are leaving for the bahamas out of ft lauderdale by cruise in jan. Would you happen to know if we need a passport or can we use our birth certificates? If we can use our birth certificates does it have to be the original copy?

  28. Suzette

    I would like to suprise my husband with a cruise for christmas. Not enough time to get our passports will be crusing St. Thomas, St Marteen and return to Florida will we need our passports to do shore excursions at these Islands. Thank You Suzette

  29. Alison Kroulek

    If it’s a closed-loop cruise, one that begins and ends at the same US port, you should be fine with just your birth certificate and driver’s license. Have a wonderful trip!

  30. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Amanda,

    It depends-if the ship comes back to the Fort Lauderdale at the end of the cruise, it is considered a closed-loop cruise and you shouldn’t need a passport. Just your birth certificate and driver’s license. You need an original or certified copy of your birth certificate-the kind with the raised seal.

  31. millie

    me and my boo has been marry for 6 year we never to a honeymoon we what to go to the bahamas problem is i dont have a birth license or a passport my question is can i just use my marriage license to go to the bahamas … please help me out

  32. admin

    Hi Mille,

    No, you can’t use your marriage license to go to the Bahamas. Sorry! If you need another copy of your birth certificate to apply for a passport, you can order one here:
    Enjoy your honeymoon!

  33. Laura J

    Hello, I am going on a Cruise that leaves from Miami and goes into Nassau Bahamas and returns to Miami 4 days later. Is it correct that I do not need a passport because I leave and return to the same port on the cruiseline? I just want to make sure before I book my cruise and flight and don’t have a passport. Thank you.

  34. admin

    Hi Laura,

    Sounds like you should be fine with a driver’s license and a birth certificate, but I would double-check with your cruise line just to be on the safe side.

  35. Osagie

    Hi. I am planning on going on a cruise to bahamas that
    leaves from Fort lauderdale Miami and returns back to the same spot.
    i do not have a passport or a birth certificate. i just got my
    citizenship through neutralization. i only have my drivers license,
    bank cards, work photo id. Would that be enough to get me on the
    without having any disappointment or refusal to get on the cruise
    after i have booked it?

  36. admin

    Hi Osagie,

    You need proof of citizenship even on a closed-loop cruise. Your naturalization certificate should be fine. Have a great trip!

  37. Michael

    My Father are taking my two children aged 15 and 14 on a cruise that leaves from Puero Rico and will do Islands in the Southern Carribean. Do They need a Passport and will my father Same Last Name as children need a note or something from us

  38. Missy

    I am going on a cruise to Bahamas from Port Canaveral Florida and will be returning to the same Port. Do I need a passport or may I use my birth certificate and drivers license ? Also instead of a drivers license, if you dont have one, can a state issued id be used in its place ?

  39. admin

    Hi Missy,

    You are correct-you can use your birth certificate and driver’s license OR a state-issued photo ID card if you don’t have a license. Have a great trip!

  40. hannah

    I have an H1b visa…nonimmigrant working visa in the us…we are planning to go on a cruise to the bahamas this july. what are the visa requirements?

  41. admin'

    Hi Hannah,

    You don’t say where you’re from, so I can’t tell you what the visa requirements would be. However, you can contact the Office of the Bahamas Consulate General and they should be able to tell you:

  42. Marisa

    I’m going on a Royal Carribean cruise from Pt Canaveral and returning to Pt Canaveral in June 2010. I have a passport my children, ages 16 and 13 don’t. Do they need passports also or are birth certificates acceptable. Please advise. Thanks!

  43. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Marisa,

    Since it’s a closed-loop cruise you should be all right with just their birth certificates and photo ID for your 16-year-old. Again, call the cruise line and double-check to make sure.

  44. Diane

    My family is flying to San Juan, for a southern Caribbean cruise, which ends up back at San Juan. Will we need passports? We will be visiting Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten, and St. Croix. If passports are required, will we need the book kind, or will passport cards do? (two adults and two children.)

  45. admin

    Since it begins and ends in Puerto Rico, you should be all right with birth certificates and IDs. BUT you should contact your cruise line as they may require you to have passports anyway. Also, it’s a good idea to have a passport book just in case you need to fly home or you miss the boat and need to fly to another island to meet it.

  46. Kristine

    Hi! I’m leaving on a cruise to the Bahamas in five days, it was very last minute and I don’t have my passport, we are leaving and returning to the Miami port. Can I use my birth certificate and ID?

  47. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Kristine,

    Yes, you should be fine with your birth certificate and ID, but I would call the cruise line and double-check with them, just to be on the safe side. Enjoy your cruise!

  48. Lea

    So, if my fiance and I are Florida residents and we’re going on a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas..can we use our birth certificates and drivers license to go on the cruise? Or do we need a passport?

  49. SEL

    A friend invited me and a few friends to go on an overnight fishing trip to the bahamas. We will leave and return to the same place. I am the only one without a passport. I do have an original birth certificate and drivers license. Is that sufficient for entering and returning? What happens if we get there and something happens to the boat and we have to take a flight home? I wouldn’t be allowed to without a passport, right? Would I be stuck there? Just covering all my bases as I have a small child at home to worry about. Thanks in advance.

  50. Alison Kroulek

    To fly home, you would need a passport. If you’re traveling on a private boat as opposed to a cruise ship, you’d actually need a passport, passport card, NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST card or an Enhanced Driver’s License, if your state offers them. A driver’s license and birth certificate only works if you’re on a cruise.

  51. Alison Kroulek

    If the cruise begins and ends at the same US port, you should be able to use your birth certificate and driver’s license, but contact your cruise line for verification.

  52. Tayla

    I am leaving for the Bahamas in 2 days I was told I didn’t need a passport if i was comming and leaving from the same port. I need my original birth certificate and a state Id well i dont have the orignal but it has a seal on it will that work?

  53. Joe

    i am a legal resident alien in the US still waiting for my green card, but not illegal and my fiance’s family is going on a cruise to the bahamas leaving from charleston and i am going with them. What are the requirements that i will need to travel?

  54. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Joe,

    Per the US Customs and Border Protection, you need your “permanent resident card (Form I-551) or other valid evidence of permanent residence status.” Since you don’t have your green card yet, I’d contact Customs and Border Protection. Here’s a link to their contact info:

  55. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Tayla,

    Yes, if has a raised or embossed seal it should be fine. Have a great trip!

  56. debby

    i am a Guinea bissau passport holder,do i need visa to travel to bahama,,,,

  57. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Debby,

    Yes, you do. You should be able to get more information here:

  58. Chris

    My wife and I are traveling to the Bahamas in 2 weeks. She has her passport that she received with her maiden name, and she has not had it changed to her married name. We are flying to bahamas and flying back to Georgia (USA). Does she need to get a new passport or will her marriage certificate and passport with her maiden name suffice (married 3 years ago)?


  59. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Chris,

    Given how long you’ve been married, she needs to get it renewed and get the name changed. Sorry, I know that’s probably not what you want to hear. :( At this point, you can either make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency office (here’s a list: )or of course we’d be glad to help you if you’ll give us a call.

  60. cherise


    I am going on a cruise to San Juan, St.Maarten and Labadee. The boat leaves from Miami Florida. Will I be able to use my enhanced license?

  61. admin

    Hi Cherise,

    Yes, you should be able to, but call your cruise line to make sure. Have a great trip!

  62. MJ


    If the child is 16 years of age , may she/he travel by sea to
    the bahamas and back (same dock) , without a passport?Just with birth certificate and ID.?

  63. Sydney

    If your over 18 do you have a passport to travel to the bahama’s by sea ( cruise ship ) or can you travel with birth cer.

  64. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Sydney,

    It depends. If your cruise is a closed-loop cruise, one that begins and ends at the same US port, you should be able to use your driver’s license and birth certificate. However, call your cruise line to verify before you go.

  65. Tinika

    I will be traveling in January and was told that the laws may change 1/1/2010 and I will be required to have a passport. we are leaving cape canaveral to the bahamas and are returning to cape canaveral as well. Thanks

  66. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Tinika,
    You should be fine to get in with just a birth certificate and driver’s license since it’s a closed-loop cruise, but check with your cruise line as ultimately it’s up to them whether you get on the boat or not.

    Have a great trip!

  67. Don

    My family and I are taking a cruise from Port Canaveral
    to the Bahamas for 1 day and coming back to Port canveral. Do we need original Birth Certs. or will a copy and a drivers license be OK. One son is 14 with no license, wi=hat other ID do I need for him

  68. Don

    My wife’s name on her BC is her maiden name that does not match her driver license. Is that OK or do I need to take our marriage cert also???

  69. Alison Kroulek

    Are you on a cruise? If you’re not on a closed-loop cruise to the Bahamas you’ll need a passport. If you’re on a closed-loop cruise, call the cruise line and make sure they’ll let her board with the marriage certificate.

  70. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Don,

    A certified copy of the birth certificates is fine. Your son will also be fine with just a birth certificate since he’s under 16. Enjoy your cruise!

  71. Kelli Jo

    I am going on a cruise to the bahamas in May leaving and returning to the same port.
    I have a valid ID and certified birth certificate BUT my last name is different on each since Im married. Is this an issue? Do I need my marriage license or anything?

  72. SANDRA

    Going to a cruise to the Bahamas with my 2 girls (13 & 10 years old)
    I have my drivre’s licence and an expired passport. Can I use both.
    I am an US Naturalized citizen.My dauhters do not have passports. Is a bith certificate enough
    for them?
    Thank you. Sandra

  73. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Sandra,

    If it’s a closed-loop cruise, one that begins and ends at the same US port, you’ll need your drivers license and proof of citizenship. For you, that would be your naturalization certificate. As long as your two girls were born in the US, a birth certificate should be fine for them. However, you should contact your cruise line and check their requirements before you travel.

  74. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Kelli Jo,

    It shouldn’t be an issue, but do contact your cruise line just to be on the safe side. Happy travels!

  75. selene anderson

    hello ,

    wondering i will be flying to Bahamas from LAX im a resident alien and wanted to know if i needed anything else ? like my California D.L ?

  76. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Selene,

    You’ll need your passport and your permanent resident card. Have fun!

  77. Kwok

    Hi Alison,

    I am going on a cruise to Bahamas on March 5th, close-loop cruise. I have a valid green card, an expired British National Overseas passport (expiration date Jan, 2006), valid driver license, I just passed my US citizenship test couple weeks ago (no certificate received yet), an Hong Kong birth certificate. Am I allow to onboard? What can I do? THANKSSS

  78. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Kwok,

    First of all, congrats on passing the citizenship test! Until you’re sworn in and officially become naturalized, you should be able to travel with your green card but you’ll need to get your passport renewed. Our sister company can help if you need it. Call us at 202-510-9264.

    Good luck!

  79. Agustin

    Hi, I’m going on a cruise to the Bahamas on April 10th 2011, leaving from port canaveral Fl, and coming back(closed-loop) I am a legal US resident and have my green card. Do I need a passport to take the cruises? Or to get out in Bahamas? I’m from Venezuela and have a expired Venezuelan passport… PLEASE HELP!!! everyone tells me something different, I spoke with imigration, the cruise line, customs in port canaveral, friends… what do I need??? PLEASE! I’m cruising with carnival. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

  80. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Agustin,

    Your green card should be okay for entering and leaving the US on a closed-loop cruise, per this fact sheet:

    BUT, the cruise line has final say over whether you board or not, so if they told you you need to renew your passport, you probably need to do so.

    Also, you need to check with the countries you’ll be stopping in to make sure they’ll let you off the ship without a valid passport. You won’t have nearly as much fun if you’re stuck on the boat!

  81. Agustin

    UPDATE****** I did NOT need a passport to cruise to the Bahamas(Closed loop), I just my Green Card & state ID, got off the ship in every port and board with no problem! Had a great time!!

  82. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Agustin,

    Awesome, I’m so happy you were able to go and enjoyed your cruise! :)

  83. Mach

    Hi Agustin,
    I am also going on a cruise with carnival and i do not have a passport but i do have my gree card. I am freaking out about not being able to get on the ship and everything is paid for. Please let me know exactly how the process went for you. I really need some sort of reassurance. PLEASE..THANK YOU!!!

  84. sam

    i am going on, i assume, a closed looped norwegian cruise line cruise from miami to bahamas, but my passport is expired and i wont have enough time to renew before my trip. Can i use my certificate of naturalization(citizenhip) and my license to travel? I am leaving from miami and return to the same port of miami.

  85. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Sam,

    You should be fine since it’s a closed-loop cruise, but call your cruise line just to be on the safe side. Have a great trip!

  86. brandon

    hey allison me(14) and my mom are goin on a cruise july 3 2011, it is a closed loop cruise do we need passports

  87. brandon

    ps…we are going to the bahamas were leavin out of port canaveral

  88. lisa

    hi alison kroulek my mother was invited too go on a cruise to the bahamas will she need a passport ro board the ship and to get off at any of the stop if any stop i dont know she never been on a cruise so please help and why do I need a passport or will her id amd birth certifica be find PLEASE HELP THANK YOU

  89. Shaun

    I am cruising to Bahamas to stay for one week with my wife and 10 year old step-daughter. I have been told that all we need for my step-daughter is her birth certificate and a notorized letter from her biological father that he gives permission for his daughter to travel to the Bahamas with her mother.

    My wife’s maiden name is on her daughter’s birth certificate, which is not the same last name as her daughter, and she now has my last name which does not match her daughters certificate. Will this be a problem? Thanks!

  90. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Shaun,

    I wouldn’t think so. Your wife’s current name will be on the notarized letter from your step-daughter’s biological father, so they should be able to see that she has permission to be there with the two of you. The birth certificate basically serves as a form of ID for your daughter and proof of her US citizenship. It might be a good idea just to include your wife’s maiden name in parentheses on the notarized letter, to make sure everything is clear to the immigration authorities.

    Have a great trip!

  91. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Lisa,

    As long as the cruise begins and ends in the same US port, your mother should be able to use her driver’s license and official birth certificate. However, if she has a passport it would be better because it would make it easier to come home in an emergency or to catch a plane to the next port if she misses the cruise ship (you have to have a passport to fly to the Bahamas). Also, I would actually call the cruise line and ask what she needs to board the ship -they are the final authority on whether or not she gets on the boat. Hope this helps!

  92. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Brandon,

    Your mom should be fine with a driver’s license and a birth certificate. Since you’re under 16, all you need is a birth certificate.
    That said, please contact your cruise line and ask what their requirements are. Have a great trip!

  93. Tirak


    I am an India citizen working in US on H1B (valid, stamped till 2013). I’m
    planning to go to Cruise (to Bahamas) later this year. I’m leaving from
    port Canaveral. I spoke with my cruise on couple of occasions and I was
    told different things. First, I was assured that I do not need any visa
    but on second occasion I was told that they can not have final answer on
    my case.
    Please advise if I need Visa.
    Thanks in advance

  94. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Tirak,

    You need to contact the cruise line again and see who you need to speak to to get a final answer on what’s needed. Good luck!

  95. Umer

    I have a pakistani passport which is expiring in May 2012. I am currently a permanent resident of canada.

    I am going to bahamas for a week. Do i need to re-new my passport as I have read that some countries need a 6 month valid passport.

  96. petra

    hi i am from czech rep.and i like to go to bahamas,with my 4 year old,i have her in my passport,is that ok?

  97. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Petra,

    I’m not familiar with Bahamian entry requirements for non-US Citizens. Call your local Bahamian embassy- they should be able to advise you. Have a great trip!

  98. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Umer,

    Contact your local Bahamian embassy to ask about entry requirements for permanent Canadian residents. They’ll tell you what you need to get in. Have a great trip!

  99. Manny


  100. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Manny,

    As long as the cruise begins and ends at the same US port, you should be all right with a driver’s license and birth certificate. However, please contact your cruise line with your itinerary to confirm that, as they have final authority over whether or not you get on the boat.

    Have a great trip!

  101. Lisa

    Hi, My friends and i are planning to go on a cruise this summer to Hawaii, Bahamas or Bermuda, but currently i only have my US work permit, would i be able to go with them on the cruise if i brought my work permit, DL and if needed a letter written by my layer? thank you.

  102. Flaca

    Hi my husband and I are planning to go to the bahamas on a 2 days cruise but want to stay there for 2 days and come back on the same cruise.. is what they call cruise and stay do we need a passport for that.. since we are coming back on the same cruise 2 days later but staying there 2 days.. cruise

  103. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Flaca,

    You should be all right with a driver’s license and a birth certificate since you’re leaving and returning on the same cruise ship, and per the Department of State, “the Bahamian government only requires proof of citizenship and identity in order to enter The Bahamas.” However, PLEASE contact your cruise line and verify what you need, since they have final say over whether or not you get on board the ship.

    Have fun!

  104. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Lisa,

    That documentation would definitely be okay for a Hawaiian cruise, provided there aren’t any stops on the itinerary outside of the US. Otherwise, please ask the cruise line what documentation they will require. You’ll probably also need a valid passport from your country of origin. Have a great trip!

  105. Shelly

    Hi, i’d like to know what documents I need for sure to take a cruise from miami to caribean islands, I’m mexican citizen I got my turist visa and mexican passport, will be enogh??

  106. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Shelly,

    To know for sure, please check with your cruise line, as they have the final say over whether or not you board.

    Thanks, and have a great cruise!

  107. Andy

    Can a person aged 17 travel to the Bahamas without their parents? And what identification do they need?

  108. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Andy,

    Yes, and you will need a passport. Also, bring a notarized letter signed by your parents giving you permission to travel with the people you are traveling with. Have a great trip!

  109. Nick Lianos

    My girlfriend and I are going to the Bahamas I do not have my passport. We are going via cruise from what I can tell I should be alright without a passport since we are returning on the same cruise, is this correct and where do you get your information regarding this issue.

  110. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Nick,

    You should be fine as long as you have a certified copy of your birth certificate to use as proof of citizenship, but please contact your cruise line to be sure, since they have final authority over whether or not you board.

    The official government page describing required documents for closed-loop cruises can be found here:

  111. Justine

    I plan on leaving for a cruise from New Orleans that is going to the Bahamas and Florida and returning to the same port. I have Xanadian citizenship but am a permanent resident of the United States. I do not have a passport but do have a valid Texas license and a birth certificate. Is this enough?

  112. Justine

    * Also have a permanent resident card

  113. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Justine,

    You should be fine to get back into the US with your permanent resident card, but contact the cruise line to be sure that’s all they require.

    Have a great trip!



  115. Kerri Kaufmann

    Hi Albert,

    It looks like they will actually need a passport in addition to their resident cards. See the Bahamas Permanent Mission website for details.

  116. Max

    Can you haved a faxed birth certificate to get in if you are under 16?

  117. Kerri Kaufmann

    Hi Max,

    You’ll need a passport book if you’re flying in, no matter how old you are. If you are on a cruise, please double-check with your cruise line, but minors under 16 should be fine with an original or certified copy (with a raised seal, so not a fax) of their birth certificate. Have a great trip!

  118. Jamie

    I want to travel to the bahamas with my son who is 11 months old, does he need a passport? we would be flying.


  119. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Jamie,

    Yes, he will need a passport.

  120. gerry

    my passport expired a month ago and we are planning to cruise from baltimore, maryland to bahamas. do i need to renew my passport?

  121. gerry

    can i bring my grandchilden in a cruise with me? what is needed from them to cruise from batimore, md to bahamas.

  122. Martin

    I am traveling with my family from Miami to Bimini in May 2013 and staying at the Guy Harvey Hotel.I was born in Miami, have a valid FL driver’s license and original birth certificate and also work for the state which I can provide and photo ID as well. Question is, is the enough or do I still need a passport? Please help me..!

  123. Valerie

    I know this post is old but I thought if ask anyways- if I’m taking a ferry to/ from ft Lauderdale over to the Bahamas do my husband and I need a passport? What about my 4 kids?

  124. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Valerie,

    You would need a passport or a passport card, but your kids under the age of 16 can use birth certificates. Hope this helps!

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