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Get a Passport Renewal to Visit the Newest World Heritage Sites

UNESCO’s World Heritage List is like a treasure map for adventurous travelers. Each dot represents either an important piece of human history, an amazing natural landscape, or both. This year, 25 new sites have been added so far. Just in case you need a reason to apply for your passport renewal, here’s a rundown of some of the most interesting:

Archaeological Sites of the Island of Meroe: For centuries, the powerful Kushite empire ruled from the island of Meroe.

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Get a US Passport to Visit Unesco’s World Heritage Sites

Do you like to travel off the beaten path?  Pick up a copy of UNESCO’s new travel guide for its World Heritage sites, and get inspired!

According to this article in the Detroit Free Press, UNESCO World Heritage sites are special places around the globe that are “culturally or environmentally important to the world.”

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